Scotcharoos - An Iowa Thing?

There are several recipes I have queued up right now, but this one seems to need immediate attention. Like, Code Blue attention.

Yesterday we attended a fun little BBQ and I was in charge of desserts. Initially I wanted to do something fun and a bit whimsical, which I did (tune back in tomorrow for that). But then I was afraid I might botch said dessert (which I totally didn't!). So, just to play it safe I made a batch of my go-to Scotachroos. I mean, everyone and their mother has heard of, and loves Scotchasroos. Right?

Not a single person at the party had ever heard of these! Apparently if you're not from Iowa (or neighbor the border veeery closely, or aren't from my dad's side of the family) you've never heard of this pot-lucking, picnicking, BBQing staple. Total blasphemy if you ask me.

These were made and devoured at every single family function I can ever remember. If someone, namely my Aunt Barb, didn't make them something was wrong. But, lucky for us, that never happened. Phew.

Now I present to you the world's easiest dessert that will surely be a crowd pleaser.

1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup corn syrup (*gasp* just use it already, you probably ate tons of the stuff when you were younger and had no idea.)
6 cups puffed rice cereal
1 cup milk chocolate chips
1 cup butterscotch chips

In a large pot add peanut butter, sugar, and syrup.
Set stove to high heat and continuously stir, until all ingredients are combined and just beginning to bubble.
Immediately remove peanut butter mixture from stove and add puffed rice cereal.
With a sturdy spatula mix well.
Pour peanut butter/cereal mix into a 9x13 pan.
Meanwhile, in a double boiler add chocolate chips and butterscotch chips.
Mix chips until a creamy chocolate/butterscotch mixture forms.
Immediately pour chocolate mix onto peanut butter bars.
Allow to cool before cutting.

If you're not from Iowa (or even if you are), please tell me you've had these before! If not, go make yourself a batch.


  1. Heck NO! I made these all the time in Kansas too! I'm thinking a midwest thing?! Either way, they are freaking delicious!

  2. MIDWEST THING! Love these in MN!!! Make them ALL the time! Corn Syrup and All!

  3. i had never heard the term "scotcharoos" until I was craving butterschotch cookies one day and my brothers fiance was like "i should make you some scotcharoos" and i was all wtf are you talking about?! i dont remember what my family called them but all that matters is they are freaking delcious.

  4. I'm from NC and I've never heard of them. But they look ah-MAZE-ing so I'm kind of mad I've been missing out all of these years ;)

  5. I'm from Iowa and I LOVE those things! Yum...I want some right now thanks to you :-)

  6. i've never had them or heard of them before. they look amazing though!

  7. Omg really!?! I LOVE scotcharoos!!! they are so so so good had no idea it was an Iowa thing! Just like cheese dip at mexican resturants the white stuff? thats apparently a midwest thing as well...who knew..

  8. I've never heard of them.. But they sound yummy!!

  9. We LOVE these in Maine!! However....some people up here just don't make them right. They make regular rice krispie treats and then pour chocolate on top of them! If it's going to be done correctly, it needs to be done just like you make them! Gosh they are sooo good and addicting! Now I want one =)

  10. Too funny, I definitely think they are a Midwest thing. My friend from Iowa calls them Skotcheroos and where I live now we do too, but where I grew up (45 minutes from here) we call them Special K bars!

  11. I think it is a Midwest thing. I am from Missouri, and I know these were made when I was little. I still make them at Christmas for friends.

  12. I've never heard of them but they look delicious!!

  13. Can't believe all the people that haven't heard of them! Seriously an Iowa staple!! YUM