Perspective - InstaGram Style

After the confession post I needed a little reminder of how awesome life is. How amazingly blessed my family is. A quick look through my InstaGram photos (desireemacke if you'd like to follow along) brings into perspective how great things are, and complaining about a grumpy baby seems silly.

Here's a little glimpse via IG of our many blessings.
1. Grandma Kathy made Marcus his very own Kansas State hoodie jacket. Scott loves it.
2. Don't be fooled. Grandma Kathy wasn't about to get away with making a K-State jacket and not an Iowa State jacket!
3. My little monkey isn't huge on veggies. What kid is? He does love him some sweet corn though! That's the Iowa in him. :)
4. Drake can annoy me until I'm blue in the face, but when these two have moments like this my heart can't help but melt.
5. Grandma Kathy also managed to whip up my little man's 1st Birthday outfit. She's so good.
6. Marcus enjoys sharing his snacks with Drake. It's cute, but it doesn't mean I love his generosity.
7. Kenny Chesney in July. What's not to love?!
8. Girls Night Out with a little New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and Boys II Men. Between the two concerts July is going to rock my face off.
9. Milk and Cookies Cupcakes. To.Die.For.
10. After the death of my beloved coffee pot, and three days sans my morning crack, I was back in business.
11. My mom and dad surprised me with a KitchenAid mixer, just because! They're the best.
12. I'm all signed up for my first half marathon since 2008. New running kicks are a must for training!

Life is good. 


  1. Seriously...those cupcakes look awesome...and you're going to run off all of those calories training so it's a double positive!!


  2. I love following you on IG, it's amazing to look back on our lives and realize just how great we have it sometimes!

  3. Mace is starting to figure out how to share his snacks with LillyBear....not cool, Mace, not cool.

    P.S. I am eating a skotcheroo for lunch. YUM. Oh and we had school today. Huge FLOP of a storm!

  4. 1.) Love the Iowa State Jacket
    2.) Love me some country music
    3.) adore the pink shoes!!!

  5. super cute sock monkey shirt! :-)

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  7. Love the new coffeemaker, kinda jealous. And awesome shoes, good luck training for the half marathon.

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