Monkey Trouble

After yesterday's confession I concluded I need a little more help (this parenting business can be tough stuff). We have a few little dilemmas and I'm at a loss. These little issues aren't earth shattering, but they're still issues that Scott and I have addressed, but a 10 month old has his own agenda.

In our living room we have two end tables. On those end tables sit lamps. Everything else has been cleared from said tables, for obvious reasons. We can't clear off the lamps, they are our only sources of light. Apparently houses built c. 1980 didn't have overhead lighting.

I have told/asked Marcus SEVERAL times not to touch the lamps. He's heard "no" probably 3,686,411 times when it comes to those darn lamps. He thinks its funny. Kid you not, the boy laughs at me when I tell him/ask him/explain to him why we don't pull on the lamps. The little toad.
He thinks it's funny. Me? Not so much.

The last time Marcus really got his hands on something it ended very badly. Not for Marcus, but for some favorite items of ours.
Marcus walked away unscathed. Our ISU, KSU and Kansas City wine glasses weren't so lucky.

On to another little problem... The monkey has gotten into the very bad habit of sneaking his food under his high chair tray, making it seem as if he's been eating.
Don't let that little face fool you.

Often, Marcus will pitch his food overboard, and Drake will gladly clean up any castaway vittles. I'll turn away for a half second, look back at Marcus and think what a great job he's doing on his breakfast/lunch/dinner. Then I'll see food being chucked to the floor.
Mommy caught Marcus red-handed, stuffing his food under his tray and into the sides of his seat.
That food didn't just accidentally fall into his seat. The little turkey thinks he's sneaky.
Or, Marcus will put his food in his mouth, chew it, then take it back out. The chewed food either ends up "hidden," or Drake is treated to yet another Marcus meal. GAH!!
Drake is no dummy. He patiently waits for Marcus to toss his lunch to the floor.
Anyone else grossed out by those strings of drool? 
What to I do?! I can't live in the dark, and Marcus needs to eat his food, not waste it!

Help! Suggestions are more than welcome.


  1. My dogs stalked me when I am feedling my little one... I know it's going to be even worse when he's really feeding himself and food ends up on the floor like that!

  2. Marcus is too cute! I don't know what ya need to do on this one. We were blessed that when we told the girls not to do it & after popping their hands a couple of times, the quit feeding our 2 little 8 lb dogs. Now they ask: Can I give Abby or Tessie something?

  3. i cant help you but if you get some good tips, share them with me! :)

  4. I had to block the dogs out of the room when I fed my daughter at that age. I know that is not possible for all people. It helped that she didn't have anyone to "play" with during meal time. As for the hiding thing, I am not sure. I would probably throw a different type of food on there. If he is playing with it, he may be tired of it. Kids can be so confusing and frustrating...especially when it comes to meal time.

  5. I wish I had some advice for you, but I don't.

    It will get better with age. We use time out, but unfortunately at 10 months, they are too young to understand that.

  6. As for the lamps, James was that way with several things. Until I just let him do it for a little while. Take the bulbs out, unplug them, put them on the floor? He's probably just curious and once he gets over that curiosity, he might not go after them anymore? I have tried that with James with several things, and it seems to work. Although now our printer is in Chinese, thanks to James loving the touch screen...

  7. We always had those baby playyard gates...the ones you can configure in different ways to either make a giant "playpen" or you can take the sections apart too. Well we would take the sections apart and set them in front of "no nos" that the girls wouldn't leave alone. So for the lamp I'd take a two pannel section and plop it around the end table. Not the prettiest thing but Brielle pulled a light down one time and OMG...I didn't realize a lightbulb breaks into 5 times as many pieces as you'd think were even possible! :-p

  8. Your lil one is adorable!! We don't have a dog but my daughter often throws food on the floor or on her lap. I read some things and mentioned it to our pediatrician and all I can come up with is as long as they are being offered healthy foods not to worry about how much they eat. Easier said than done- I know! My daughter goes days eating a few bites here and there and other days she is a little piggy. I remember her eating a lot less when teeth were breaking through too.

  9. Henry feeds his food to the dog too, at one point we had to start putting the dogs outside while he ate so he would stop throwing his entire meals to them. If food drops in his lap, I usually scoop it all back up before he is completely done eating and put it back on his tray for a second run. It worked for us some, and now he eats most of his food even with the dogs in the room. I don't know what to tell you about the lamps! We cleared our house of pretty much everything Henry could get to too, but the few things we did leave, we made it clear it was a 'no-no' and smacked his hand a few times and that seemed to defer him. Kids are a handful! Good luck with everything!