Happy Marcus Monday!

We had our three month photo shoot!
He looks like a little fighter in this one: "Put 'em up. Put 'em up!"
I know he's going to hate me for putting the adorable newsboy hat on him. :)
Hehe. I love his little loafers.
Insert melted heart, here.
My precious little boy.
HA! He's totally thinking, "Really, this is ridiculous, mom."

The beginning of the end of our session. Things rapidly declined after this shot.
Love those little eyelashes.
He has a good grip; not only on my hand, but on my heart.
Side note: Apparently the people at the studio are not aware of an infants short attention span, and very short lived opportunity to get good, smiley photos... I was a little disappointed in the lack of attention we had during our photo session, but pleased we were able to walk away with a few quality photos.

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