Four Months Old!

My little man is four months old, yesterday! Due to operator error I wasn't able to get pics loaded on the computer, so I'm a day late. Whoops.
Unofficial stats:
Height - 27ish inches (96th percentile)
Weight - 18.5ish pounds (95th percentile)
We see the doctor for the four month check up and vaccinations (EEK) next week, so we'll have the official ruling on height and weight then.
Generally speaking, we have one happy, healthy little boy!
In the past month I've learned:
- Every 90 minutes a nap is needed.
- You can't successfully get much anything done in 90 minutes.
- There's a non-stop faucet of drool happening 24/7.
- Bibs are simply crucial these days.
- Thus far, traveling via plane has been a fairly easy gig.
- Sleeping through the night is happening more often.
- Diapers these days are simply disgusting (and how is it I'm the one who usually gets stuck changing the really dirty diapers?!).
- Marcus insists on "standing" (assisted, of course) rather than lying or even sitting. Being up high to see everything is a must for the big guy.
- Marcus is beginning to enjoy his bumbo, and assisted sitting, more often. Tummy time is becoming more and more tolerable.
- If the little guy can find a way to get something into his hands it's inevitable what ever the object may be will end up in his mouth, and covered in slobber.
- Marcus LOVES looking, and laughing, at that little monkey in the mirror.
- Giggles are starting to happen. I. Love. Giggles.
- We will do just about anything to solicit a giggle.
- Along with giggles, we are hearing screeches and screams (most often of joy) as the little man communicates more and more with us.
- I would give anything to slow down time. My baby boy continues to be my pride and joy.
To celebrate Marcus' 1/3 birthday I'm making cupcakes. Stay tuned. :)
Upper left: Ah, the spit bubbles. Also know as the fountain of drool.
Upper right: Something is perplexing.
Lower left: No photo shoot would be complete without Marcus tilting.
Lower right: The photo shoot abruptly ended after this pic - he was D.O.N.E.!

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