My Little Pan Face

Drake has demanded A LOT of attention these days. After his surgery we had to pay close attention to him, keeping him sedated and off his leg. Now we have physical therapy three times a day, seven days a week. Who's the physical therapist? This girl (with help from Scott in the evenings and on weekends).

With all that being said, I feel like I've neglected my little pan-face, Seala, some. So, I've decided since Drake has had a few recent posts, Seala should get at least one.
Upper Left: All snuggled up in my blanket.
Middle Left: Soaking up some rays - she loves our patio table.
Lower Left: Begging for treats.
Upper Right: More patio table time.
Middle Right: Still begging for treats (I'm not sure who's worse when it comes to begging, Seala or Drake).
Lower Right: Comfy in the big plush blanket. 

I should note, Seala is a long-haired Himalayan. Due to her long hair we have to give her hair cuts regularly. I happen to think the "lion cut," as it's called, is awesome (it's ok, you can laugh, everyone else who sees her can't help but let a few chuckles slip out). The puffy little ball on the tip of her tail, the "boots," and her little "mane" are just too much.

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