Baby Macke Update - Week 35

Only five weeks left! Some days it seems like AGES ago that we found out Baby M was on the way. Other days it seems like only yesterday we were announcing our soon-to-be bundle of joy.

I've had a few people tell me Baby appears to have "dropped." How I wish that were true. For Baby to have actually "dropped" he would have to be out of the breech position, and that certainly isn't the case.
Drake is on a diet. What he's lost I've found. 
How far along? 35 weeks.
Maternity clothes? In this last stretch I'm settling nicely into my sweats and yoga pants. I'll throw on the maternity clothes (that still cover my belly) if I HAVE to.
Stretch marks? Nope! We're so close to the end, let's hope those marks stay away!
Sleep? I do more tossing and turning than I do sleep. The couch has provided some reprieve, but not much. 
Best moment this week: My mom visited over the weekend and we pretty much finished Baby's room!
Miss anything? Sleep. Running. Sleep. Non-maternity clothes. Sleep. Sushi. Sleep. Wine. Sleep.
Movement: This kid is non-stop movement. I'm frequently moving Baby's foot out of my right rib.
Food cravings: Still can't say no to a Shamrock Shake. But, really, if I see/hear a food I pretty much want whatever it is that I've seen or heard. Like right now, there's a show on about BBQ. I will obsess about BBQ for the rest of the day.
Anything make you queasy or sick? Just keep those peanuts and peanut butter away from me and we'll be good to go.
Labor signs? Still dealing with Braxton Hicks; not much else happening that would suggest labor (dang it!).
Symptoms: Lack of sleep. Lower back pains. Inability to keep food out of my mouth.
Belly button in or out? For today we'll say the belly button is flush with the rest of my stomach. 
Linea nigra? That faint little line appears to be sticking around for the rest of the pregnancy.
Wedding ring on or off? Rings are on, and I don't see them going anywhere.
Happy or moody most of the time? Those emotions are still all over the board. For the most part I'm happy (especially if there's food near by:).
Looking forward to: Monday we make our final trip to the obstetrician for one more good look at Baby M, and hopefully we score a few ultrasound photos in the process. There are also a few things coming by mail this week that should complete Baby's room! 


  1. I think you look GREAT and we will be thinking about you in the upcoming weeks!


  2. How wonderful! you sound and look great! You are on the home stretch!


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