DIY Monogram Pictures

As alluded to in Mondays post, my mom and I decided we wanted to make Baby's monogrammed photos.

My first thought was to use Styrofoam, cover the Styrofoam with scrapbook paper, and ribbon around the edges of the Styrofoam to create the photos - an idea I'd found where else but Pinterest. In theory it was a good idea, but in practice  it was a total fail (for me).

The completed project should have looked something similar to  this --->
However, my end result looked sloppy, as if I'd let a first grader get a hold of a glue gun... My paper looked lumpy, as did the ribbon trimming the edges. After a brief consultation with Mom, we both agreed we needed to find another route to go.

To the craft store we headed. With President's Day sales, as well as a few coupons, we made out with some insanely affordable prices, and a much better alternative for our project.

To make the pictures here is what we ended up using:

3 - 12"x12"x7/8" canvases ($12.12 for all three)
1 yard of fabric ($3.14)
3 - 9" letters, already painted black ($7.18 for all three)
1 bottle Tacky Glue ($5.39)
Staple gun and staples, borrowed from the neighbors (free - our neighbors rock!)
A grand total = $27.83, or per picture $9.28 - I highly doubt I could have purchased three monogrammed picture for that price.

How we made them - and, when I say "we" I really mean Grandma Dudding. :)
1. The 12"x12" canvases ready to go.
2. Laying the fabric out to be measured.
3. 16"x16" squares cut out to be wrapped around the canvases.
4. Ironing out the fabric to ensure a smooth, snug fits on the canvases.
5. Canvas centered on the fabric. This part was a little tricky, as the fabric had the print "baby" on it. We needed to make sure the print was lined up straight on the canvas.
6. A staple gun was used to secure the fabric to the back of the canvas. The best way to describe how the fabric was wrapped -- wrap similar to that of gift wrapping.
7. The completely secured fabric; back side of the canvas.
8. The secured fabric on the canvas; front side.
9. Tacky glue, to be used to secure the monogram letters on the wrapped canvases.
10. A generous amount of glue placed on the back side of each letter. The letters were then centered on the canvases and allowed to dry overnight.
11. To hold the monograms on hooks, ribbon was cut and glued to the back side of the canvases. About three hours was allowed for the glue to dry.
12. Bows were tied and glued on the ribbon. Buttons were also glued on the bows.
The end result! Baby M's first name isn't being revealed until his arrival. We're not even giving away the first letter of his first name. So, until the little guy arrives the first photo will remain blank. :)

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