My snuggle buddy is in tough shape right now, and it's hard to watch as my four-legged companion struggles with pain and lack of mobility.
Being a Labrador we were well aware of the common injuries he might sustain. I guess we never thought we'd actually have to deal with any of those injuries.

For awhile we've noticed stiffness in Drake's hind quarters. This weekend it was apparent the stiffness was painful and unbearable for the big guy. Drake wouldn't put pressure on his back left leg, and he was less active than we'd ever seen him. Sunday morning Scott took Drake into the emergency veterinary hospital and we discovered Drake will most likely need surgery on his CCL (the equivalent to the human ACL).

Until his surgery we have to keep our big boy corralled, and off his leg as much as possible, and then we'll have 12 weeks of recovery.
Poor guy :(

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