Update on the Big Guy

Yesterday Drake was taken in to the veterinarian to have surgery on his back left knee (torn ACL). This morning we were finally able to bring the big guy home.

The bandage covering Drake's incision covers his leg, almost in its entirety.

Poor guy, he's been pretty out of it most of the day - which is not normal for Drake.
To provide myself with some comedic relief, I did find Drake's spit bubbles, while he sleeps, worthy of a little chuckle.

When Drake is semi-coherent he makes attempts to sit up, and whimpers ever so slightly; brakes my heart. On a positive note, Drake is already able to place some weight on his leg, and he is able to walk, ever so slowly, on his own.

According to the vet, recovery should be six to eight weeks. Here's to hoping it's a speedy recovery and Drake does well.


  1. Although I just posted about how annoying my pups are right now, it breaks my heart to see any dog in bandages! I'll be sending positive thoughts your way for his speedy recovery! Give him a squish for us!

  2. Poor guy!! Hopefully he starts feeling better really soon! He'll recover just in time to be woken up at all hours of the day and night by the new little man :)


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