Baby Macke Update - Week 34

Happy Valentine's Day

Six weeks to go!!! Great news about the 34 week mark: if Baby M decides to come now he shouldn't have any health problems. Not that I want Baby M to come this early, but if he did it's reassuring to know that the little guy would be fine.
I just keep expanding...
How far along? 34 weeks.
Maternity clothes? My option of maternity clothes is slowly shrinking. There are now two tops, for sure, that no longer adequately cover my bulging belly. There are even a few of Scott's t-shirt that are starting to fit a little more snug than I'd like. The sweat and yoga pants are still holding strong, phew!
Stretch marks? Not seeing any. Believe me, I'm checking regularly!
Sleep? Ugh. Sleep. Not happening. There's really no comfort to be found these days. If I'm lucky, and exhausted enough, I'm able to snag a short nap during the afternoons, but nothing substantial. 
Best moment this week: Scott and I finished our child birth classes, as well as our infant care class, and we took a tour of the hospital.
Miss anything? Running. The weather has been PERFECT for running, and there are some amazing trails along the coast that I would love to run along. I do walk them, but what I wouldn't give to hear my feet hit the path as I looked out over the ocean... 
Movement: The question is more, "is there much 'quiet' time?" The answer is, no. Baby M is A-C-T-I-V-E!
Food cravings: SHAMROCK SHAKES! Holy moley, those things are fan-tab-ulous! There's a good possibility I had one, or two, this weekend; my only Valentine's Day request is that there's a Shamrock Shake in my hand at some point this evening. :)
Anything make you queasy or sick? Still can't handle peanuts and peanut butter. I think Scott has had more peanut butter toast in the past few weeks than ever before in his life. Not cool.
Labor signs? Those Braxton Hicks aren't going anywhere. Is the constant nagging need to clean a sign of labor? I've had the strong urge to clean. Everything. Last week I cleaned scrubbed down our couches, along with a deep clean of the entire house. I keep eyeing our pantry, and there's a good possibility I'll be attacking that very soon.
Symptoms: The third trimester nausea seems to have dissipated - thank goodness! Does constantly wanting to eat count as a symptom? And, of course, the never-easing back pains.
Belly button in or out? There are times I look at my belly button and think it's definitely pushing out a bit. Then, there are other times when it seems like the belly button is in. I think my belly button is confused as to where it should go.
Linea nigra? That faint little line above and below the belly button is still there, but not getting any darker. 
Wedding ring on or off? The sparkles are still on.
Happy or moody most of the time? Confession: my moods are on a tumultuous roller coaster. Thank God Scott has been so understanding of some of my more crazy moments (like when I broke down because we couldn't figure out what we wanted to have for lunch)... 
Looking forward to: My mom is coming tomorrow night!! This means Baby M's room will finally be finished. I'll post pics as soon as everything is ready to go!! We also see the doctor Thursday to see if Baby M is still breech - if he is we will schedule the inversion.

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