A Room for Baby M

Grandma Dudding came to visit for a few days. That can only mean one thing... Baby M's room was FINALLY finished.

It's not that I couldn't get the room done on my own. I could have if I would have wanted to buy the bedding and curtains for Baby's room. Not at all what I had in mind, not when Baby's grandma is an out-of-this-world seamstress.

Here are some before photos of Baby's room. Incredibly plain and boring, right?
Top two photos: This was what the room looked like when we moved in.
Bottom photo: Setting up the room to add a splash of color.

Here are some almost-finished after photos.
As you can see, we added some thick stripes. And, awhile back Baby's Grandma and Grandpa Macke visited. During their stay the nursery furniture was assembled!

THIS is Baby's room complete! We added the tree decal, the fabrics of course, and monogramed photos. Check in Wednesday and I'll have a how-to on the DIY monogram photos.

 Any fabric you see in the room were sewn by Grandma Dudding.
 See the tiny little cowboy boots under the lamp? Those were made by Scott's Aunt Sandy, when Scott was born. Adorable, right?!
If you know Scott's middle name you know Baby's middle name, if you don't, so sorry - once Baby arrives I'll finish the first photo and add Baby's first initial :)
Baby's bedding - courtesy of Grandma Dudding.
There are just a few small things that aren't finished in the room. When those little things are done I'll post pics.
But, all that's really left to add to the room is Baby M!

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  1. This room is amazing. Chrissy told me about the talents of you and your mom. This room will hold many wonderful memories.


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