A Sweet Celebration {Julia's 2nd Birthday Party Weekend}

Julia is very likely our last baby, so for her second birthday I wanted to celebrate her big day for as long as everyone in my family would allow. And that's just what we did.

In May when we first visited the Museum of Ice Cream it was apparent Julia was in her happy place. Loud, booty-shaking music, bright, colorful rooms complete with sweet treats all throughout. Sign. Her. Up. It was then that her Ice Cream Birthday Party theme was born. It was also during that visit that I snagged tickets for a second run through the museum, and just days before her birthday.

We were lucky to have both sets of grandparents as well as Scott join in the Museum of Ice Cream fun.

* * * *

Saturday morning friends and family joined us at our pool to load up on sweets for her Ice Cream Birthday Party.
I went super chill with the decor this year. Just a few banners and a few hanging cones. Set up was easy, clean up even easier.
The party was complete with the finest of toddler food (pizza). We also had and an ice cream bar where guests could top their ice cream bowls with the all the sundae toppings: three different types of sprinkles, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, M & Ms, crushed Oreos, cherries, and whipped cream.
I was slightly shocked to learn most kids just want ice cream doused in sprinkles and chocolate syrup. I was also surprised to learn Julia hated having "Happy Birthday" sung to her. The entire time she had her pout lip out, her head down, and the deepest of furrowed brows.
During the party I failed at taking any real, good photos. Just a few snaps with the phone camera - which means success, as we were all too busy enjoying company and celebrating Julia.

I did manage to get a few photos of the ice cream cone cupcakes that I made. I remember my mom making these for my birthday when I was younger, and I was more than thrilled to share these with Julia this year. I'm hoping another birthday party presents itself for the opportunity to make these (you know, so Julia can actually remember them).
I used this cupcake recipe,
this frosting recipe,
and poured the batter into the cones, used a cone baking rack to keep the cones upright in the oven,
and baked the cupcake cones for 27 minutes at 350ºF.


Sunday was spent with family, finishing off all the left over party food, and of course cake and ice cream.

We rounded off the festivities on Monday, Julia's actual birthday with a few photos to mark her day, we logged some pool hours, and once again polished off bowls of ice cream.

Though I know she won't remember the weekend we celebrated her, I know I sure will.
It was fun, it was sweet, and admittedly, slightly exhausting. Kind of like Julia. :)


Julia || T W O Years

Two complete trips around the sun, little lady, and here we are. You're TWO today! 
We've celebrated you and your day for four straight days. 
There has been no shortage of ice cream, laughter, the occasional (albeit obligatory and perhaps mandatory) tantrum, and so much love. 
Drama is your friend, attitude is your companion, stubbornness and determination are the name of your game. 
Those who don't know you well have a difficult time cracking your tough shell. But once through, you are sweet as molasses. You make others work for your trust, but once it's earned you're best buds forever. 
Marcus is your hero - except when he's not. However, I have a feeling he'll always be your biggest protector.
Your vocabulary is exploding, and you seem to have a gift for gab. Some say you're your mother's daughter...
Singing and dancing make your eyes twinkle and your booty shake. 
You despise shoes, love dirt, and would likely run wild with a pack of wolves if allowed to do so. 
Along with your trademark bare feet, your wild curls seem to personify who you are. Those locks are a wild, tangled, beautiful mess. Just like you. 
I can't believe we're already here, but I'm so glad we are.
Our family wouldn't be complete without your sassy ways and sweet demeanor.  
Happy TWO, Julia! 
Momma loves you.