Water Parks to Concert in the Park

After our morning cup of Snowball coffee we were off to the Sioux Falls water park, Wild Water West.
It's been forever since going to a water park, or any aquatic venue, and not managed it, lifeguarded it, or oversaw most daily activities. The minute we walked through the front gate it was like coming home. The faint smell of chlorine hit my nose and brought a smile to my face. We laid out near the wave pool, and though the clouds were persistent, I managed to soak up a few rays and obtain new tan lines. We took a venture around the lazy river, only to find the water was FREEZING! Cold water aside, it was a great way to relax on a Saturday afternoon.

That evening Better Than Ezera was playing downtown at Falls Park, and Amy managed to score free tickets. Free, yep, we're there!
Haven't heard anything new from the band? Yeah, me either. But, here are two of their hits that probably ring some bells (if the song titles don't look familiar YouTube them and I bet you'll recognize them):
"Desperately Wanting"
Although I didn't know many of their songs they were a great band to listen to. And, what a great way to wrap up a Saturday!

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