Beautiful Butterflies

In theme with keeping things totally stress free we made our way to a butterfly garden on Sunday afternoon.

My first butterfly garden experience was while attending Iowa State, and I loved every minute in the garden. This experience was no different.

Every time a butterfly would flutter past it gave a light feeling in my stomach, almost taking my breath away. There is something so magical and special about these creatures that just totally enamors me.
My fascination with butterflies began when I was very young. My grandmother (my mom's mom) loved butterflies, especially Monarchs. She had window hangings of butterflies, and butterflies mounted outside her place. It was then that I discovered my love for butterflies.
Every butterfly in the garden was amazing and beautiful. When one would fly past me I knew Grandma was near. 
At our wedding, Scott and I released 25 Monarch butterflies, a small tribute to my Grandma, who was with us in spirit.
To this day, when a butterfly crosses my path, it's a sign that Grandma is always with me.
Upper left, I'm super excited about the giant blue butterfly chose to briefly land on me (see the blue blur, that's the butterfly just taking off).
The green butterfly (lower left), and the giant blue butterfly (lower right) were two of my favorites. I'd never seen either, and couldn't get enough of them.
Upper right, a butterfly is just taking off from landing on my arm. 
If you've never been to a butterfly garden I encourage you to check one out. They generally aren't too expensive to enter ($12 or less, at most places), and your admission goes toward the upkeep of the gardens, and the well-being of the butterflies. The gardens are such a unique experience, and give plenty of great photo opportunities. 

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