After breaking my arm in the car wreck I lost a lot of motivation to run. For those of you who know me, I used to love running. A few years back I started training for half marathons and fell in love with them. It's been two years since I've run one... :(

Perhaps a few new purchases will pick me up and put me in the running mood again.
It was clear a new pair of running shoes were needed. 
I fell in love with the Nike Free Run +2 as soon as I slipped them on. The shoes are so light, it almost feels like you're running barefoot!
The Nike/iPod chip is an amazing running partner. It times your runs, clocks your fastest miles, and is your person cheerleader. 

It's time to hit the pavement!


  1. Good luck, Desiree' and hope you get back on track. I know how much you missed running.

  2. Nothing better than the completion of a good run!


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