Jimmy John's

As stated in my earlier post (Sioux Falls Food) we did do more than just eat. But, I had to mention this, in it's own entire blog...

Ahhhhh, Jimmy John's. How I miss that place. My first introduction to this amazing sub shop was, you guessed it, while attending Iowa State. Their 50 cent bread was a lifesaver around 2:00 a.m. My personal favorites include their Turkey Tom, which includes turkey, lettuce, mayo and tomato (no sprouts) and The Beach Club, which is turkey, lettuce, mayo, tomato, provolone, and avocado spread (no sprouts). All of this gloriousness is piled on to a tasty 8 inch French bread sub. Hellooooo amazing.
When I spotted a Jimmy John's, I knew this would be the place where I'd have my last lunch in Sioux Falls.
YUM - The Beach Club with a side of Sea Salt and Vinegar chips!
If only we could get a Jimmy John's out here... *sigh* 

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