Crab and Cream Cheese Ball

Since I have a little more free time :) I've been clocking more hours in the kitchen, which is a good thing.

In preparation for  a BBQ we attended this weekend I wanted something simple - a finger type food - and delicious at the same time. Thoughts wandered to a crab and cream cheese ball that my mom has made for about as long as I can remember.

I thought it'd be all sorts of difficult to make, but to my surprise it was super easy!

Crab and Cream Cheese Ball
1 package cream cheese *
1 package crab meat **
Chopped green onions, to taste (optional)
Western salad dressing, to taste and color (optional) ***
Crushed nuts ****
What you'll need.
*I used 33% reduced fat cream cheese and it worked well. I was a little worried the ball wouldn't hold up, but it did just fine.
**To save a few dollars I used the imitation stuff. If you have money to spend I'm sure the real stuff is even more amazing.
***Californians apparently don't know about Western salad dressing, or Dorothy Lynch for that matter. I had to use French dressing, and it worked as a good substitute.
****My mom uses walnuts or pecans, but I mixed it up and used crushed almonds and pecans... YUM!

In a small mixing bowl combine the cream cheese, crab meat, onions (optional), and dressing (optional).
After mixing, shape into a ball and roll to cover with nuts.
Note: I tried using a spatula to mix everything together, and it didn't work as well as just getting my hands in there. After mixing everything up I placed the cream cheese mixture in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Then I shaped the ball and rolled it in the nut mixture.
Cutting up the crab and green onions.
On the right: The mixing of the cream cheese, onions, crab, and dressing.
On the left: The formed crab and cream cheese ball.
Tadaaa! The finished crab ball, ready for the BBQ.
It took me all of about 20 minutes to prep and make (including the 10 minute fridge cool down). It's served with your choice of cracker... This was a HUGE hit at the BBQ, and disappeared before my eyes!

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