Sioux Falls Food!

Last Friday I jetted off to Sioux Falls, SD to spend one very relaxing weekend with my best friend, Amy. 

Let me just tell you, sometimes I think Amy knows me better than myself. That, or she has known me for so long she knows what I like, and what I'll want, before I do.

For example, while attending Iowa State I found this amazing little coffee shop in Ames that had the BEST coffee around. Not only did they have amazing coffee, they had a flavor I was/am OBSESSED with. Snow Ball, a fabulous combination or carmel and coconut - DELICIOUSNESS in a cup! 
Should you ever stop through Ames and need a good great cup of coffee seek out Burgie's, you will not be disappointed!
Amy contacted Burgie's, the coffee shop, and ordered some Snowball for us to enjoy during my stay. This wasn't any bag of coffee, this was the economy size bag. This is the bag that retailers use. There is enough coffee in that bag to last her at least a year. But, you'll hear no complaints from me. Each morning I settled onto their comfy couch with a piping hot cup of my favorite joe.

I was also treated to some of the yummiest places in town. Most likely I flew back to L.A. with a few extra pounds - and not in my luggage. But, sooooo worth it.
Gourmet grilled cheese - WHAT?! Yes please! Cheese is a serious weakness of mine, an there was an entire restaurant dedicated to making hot, melty, gooey grilled cheeses. My mouth is watering just thinking of my sandwich (turkey, avocado and spinach with an assortment of cheeses on a whole wheat). We also make a couple (yes, couple) of trips to Peachwave, the fro-yo joint. Another weakness, frozen yogurt... I won't say no to a trip to a place like that. And, as if I hadn't consumed enough, a trip to Sinful Things lead us to sharing an AMAZING strawberry cheesecake.

Not only did we eat out, although that's always fun to do in new cities, there was an evening where Amy and her hubby grilled some tasty chicken breast, steamed some asparagus, and treated me to REAL SWEET CORN!! It seems like it's been for ever since I've had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into a steaming cob of wonderful, amazing sweet corn.
That night at dinner I intended on just one ear, but I threw all will power to the wind and downed THREE. :) 

I promise we did more than eat... But, I'll share the rest of my trip for later this week.

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