Amtrak and Angels

My Aunt Sandy and cousins, Dana and Allison, are visiting from Minnesota this weekend. On their to-do list while here was see the Minnesota Twins play the Los Angeles Angels (who actually play in Anaheim).

We traveled by Amtrak. The train doesn't seem to move all that fast, but I'm sure during Friday rush hour (which it was), we shaved off tons of time getting to Anaheim.
The train drops passengers off in the outfield, literally. It's so convenient! 

It was hat night, so we scored some "skater" A's hats. They're pretty cool, but my guess is that none of us will be sporting these bad boys anytime soon.
To our surprise our seats were AMAZING. We were four rows from the field, on the first base side.
We were thisclose to the players and field! 

Being so close to the field we should have brought along a few gloves for foul balls!

I'm not a huge baseball fan, but there's just something about being inside the stadium. Perhaps it's the smell of hot dogs, pop corn, and other stadium food. Maybe it's the crunch of peanut shells below my shoes as I walk through the rows. Whatever it is, the buzz inside stadiums is such a fantastic experience.

Though the Twins - whom we were cheering for - lost in stunning style, 1-7, we had a great time!

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