Let's Play Catch Up

Phew. That was a hiatus if I've ever taken one. With both kids in school (albeit just a few hours a day for Julia), I'm hoping to have just a smidge more free time on my hands to get back into documenting.

Edit. That first paragraph is hilarious. This draft sat idle for over two three months, and I'm finally hitting that publish button.

So much has happened in the last handful of months, it seems silly to try and do dedicated posts for each and every event that's taken place.

Rather, a highlight reel should, for the most part, hopefully catch us up...


  • Marcus and I had a one-on-one date to an interactive art installation.

  • Marcus graduated from Kindergarten.

  • Scott participated in a triathlon in Big Bear, where we cheered him on and had a bit of a weekend get away.

  • We began our first leg of our annual Midwest tour in Omaha and Iowa, hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Dudding.


  • We wrapped up the Midwest tour in Kansas City, spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Macke, and all the cousins (more fantastic walls were found, and I have high hopes to do a post on those, too).

  • Julia attended her first birthday party that was solely for girls.


  • Marcus began his first season of basketball.

  • We stopped by the Maricano Museum to check out a Yayoi Kasuma installation, and a visit to Sprinkles Cupcakes.


  • Julia turned THREE! A dedicated post on that is coming soon.


  • A day trip to San Diego was made to check out Wonderspaces.

  • Julia began her first year of preschool.

  • Marcus entered 1st grade.


  • We had annual family photos take. This year's might be my favorites yet. Expect more to come on those. ;)

  • Scott and I took the plunge and started renovating our master bathroom. Multiple trips and endless hours were spent in home improvement stores. This consumed most of the month, and the months to follow.


  • We celebrated my brother getting married.

  • And enjoyed Fall-like temps during our visit.

  • Marcus began his first season of flag football. And loved it.

  • Fall baseball also picked up. Which meant October weekends were pretty well booked for us.

  • For Halloween the kids decided to be characters from one of their favorite movies, The Greatest Showman. And their costumes might just be my favorite of all time. (Shout out to KFC for having the most perfect "circus-like" wall.)

And now here we are. Half way through November. Maybe I'll get my stuff together and keep up with life a little better (no promises).

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