Under The Sea - Julia is Three

Months before I probably should have been thinking about a third birthday party, I was thinking about a third birthday party.

Between our trips to Disneyland, numerous viewings of The Little Mermaid, a favorite show being Bubble Guppies, countless books and stories about mermaids, and a love for swimming at our pool, it seemed pretty obvious the direction we'd be headed.

As the planning got under way I knew I didn't want the decor to be super character-y, but I wanted the theme to be clear. Julia's favorite color is purple, so we needed to incorporate that, paired with blues, turquoise, and some pops of pink and white. I envisioned balloons and paper lanterns dotted throughout, sequenced tablecloth resembling shimmering mermaid scales, and of course, a swimming pool.

As decorations started to amass in our home my bedroom turned into a storage facility. I'm sure I was more excited to see everything unfold more than Julia (and most certainly more than Scott).

 A week leading up to the party our kitchen was buzzing with baking and jello making and balloon inflating.

Day of, I couldn't believe how fast and easily everything came together (shout out to both Grandmas for helping).

As with every good party, I completely failed to get any photos of the event in progress, save for the one photo of the Birthday girl, Scott, and me.

Post party, we used a few wall photos (act surprised) to print off and send out thank yous.
This may have been one of the easiest parties we've thrown. I'm not sure if it's because we're no longer new to this rodeo, or the details are getting easier to nail down. At any rate, cheers to three. It's time to start planning for four.

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