36 Hours in Nashville

Oh hey, I have a blog! You'd never know by the complete lack of attention spent on this space. Oops?

Anywho. Moving along...

Way back in April my best friends from college lined up an NCAA March Madness bracket. The deal was, the best bracket finisher would choose a location for a long-over due and much needed girls trip. Though we had a winner (hey, Dena!), it seemed we had more of a collective agreement that Nashville would be a pretty solid spot for a weekend sans kids.
We weren't wrong.

Friday (5/11) morning I bolted out the door at 6:30 to catch a ride to the airport. The last time I flew solo Marcus was two. It was nothing short of glorious to casually go through security, snag a coffee, and settle in comfortably while waiting for my flight.

Wheels touched down in Nashville around 4pm, and once I met up with the ladies we hit the ground running.

The first Bucket List item to check off was a visit to the Grand Ole Opry. When we realized Carrie Underwood would be playing (and celebrating the 10th anniversary of her induction to the Opry), we couldn't snag tickets fast enough. The way the show is formatted, a whole rotation of different artists and bands play throughout the show, each playing a couple of songs. I was a little surprised to find out Carrie only preformed three songs, but it was definitely an experience never to be forgotten.
It was then a bee line to Broadway where we did some bar hopping and live music listening. If you've never been to Broadway in Nashville, it's a couple of blocks of nothing but multi-level bars (most with roof top bars), and each level of each bar has a different live band preforming, almost always. It also should be noted that the music we heard ran the gamut of genres, from 80s rock, to 90s grunge, and 2000s pop, we heard it all. I cannot properly formulate with words the vibe of Broadway, but the electricity radiating from each bar was palpable. I think we stumbled back to our room around 2:00AM. My college self would be proud, my mom self wasn't so sure that was the best idea ever.

Not to fret. Come Saturday morning we all woke feeling better than anticipated, and prepped for a full day of Nashville goodness.

Brunch seemed like a solid idea. And Pinewood Social did more than hit the spot. The entire place was so aesthetically pleasing. The food was insanely good. And, the fact that they had an indoor bowling alley, and outdoor boccie court, and a pool, made the experience that much sweeter, considering we didn't have kids to contain and entertain.
Saturday afternoon was spent meandering around Broadway, dipping in and out of bars to catch music, as well as just check out the general scene of Nashville.
I did a little convincing to stop by a couple of walls that have been on my bust list for ages. My friends are honestly the very best. They hoofed (and Uber'd) around town just so I could find some paint on a few walls.
We made a quick stop at the Parthenon. Then it was back to Broadway where we ate at The Feed and Seed (the food there was SO good), and rounded out the day/night/trip consuming tasty cold beverages and listening to more live music.
The next thing I knew, it was 4:30 Sunday morning, my alarm was going off, and back to Los Angeles I was headed.

It felt like we packed a ton into 36 hours, and we did. I could have used another solid two days in the city, I know there's so much more we missed, which makes me desperate to get back.

Aside from the drinks, and music, and kid-less meals, just being around the ladies who were integral in my college experience made the trip one of the very best. We've grown, matured, taken separate life paths, but when together we fall back into step of being those young girls we once were (albeit,  exponentially more responsible and entirely less drunk).

Britt. Dena. Thanks for an unforgettable weekend. Let's not wait another six years to do it again.

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