Another Sweet Pop Up

When we discovered Los Angeles had yet another interactive pop up happening it wasn't a question of if we could go, rather how soon can we get tickets?
This experience - Candytopia - was dedicated all sugary confections. But, it wasn't just vats filled with candy, though I'm sure my kids wouldn't have minded that at all. There were several rooms with which we traveled, filled with interactive pieces, art works, and installations. All of them made up of different candies. 

The entry was a teaser for what was to come. Plastic figures of massive lollipops. All of them Julia tried to eat. Countless times I could be heard saying, "No, Julia, we can't eat those. They aren't real!"

After a few minutes, it was time to enter.
We were greeted in the Candytopia library, where clocks were suspended from the ceiling, a knight in shining armor was created of candies of all sorts, and a guest book the size of an elephant was available to sign our  names.
After snagging our first piece of candy, we moved into a gallery, where portraits were hung, jeweled beads were suspended, and a throne of mirrors was available to perch upon.

Next to every art piece was a sign indicating how many pieces of candy was used in the creation, along with what types of candy were used. 

I'm kicking myself for not capturing more of the portraits and famous paintings, all done in candy. There was one of Willie Wonka, the Mona Lisa, and several others I'm forgetting. 

Moving forward, we headed under the sea. An entire room where we felt as if we were in the ocean, surrounded by creatures of candy.

Then it was into a room where optical illusions were abound.

Keep in mind, with each new room, we were treated to more sugary delights. And, I was the mom who stopped her kids from eating any more candies after the second one was handed out. 

As we moved along, we entered a room that I can only describe as psychedelic. The music, colors, and pieces of candy art were all slightly trippy.

Last stop, the one we'd been so anxious to get to from the get go... The marshmallow pool!
Just as it sounds. A massive pool filled with marshmallow-esque bits for the kids to jump, "swim", and toss around. Quite probably their favorite part - minus receiving candy every 10 steps. 
The rooms and art pieces were fabulous, the candy so tasty, the colors vibrant, talks of unicorn poop (kids love that unicorn poop), and the kids loved it all. Candytopia may be our favorite pop-up, yet... 

To see even more of the experience, I've included a short (less than 2 minute) video; clips I couldn't quite get in photos, and a better sense of some of what I've been describing.

Candytopia from Desiree Macke on Vimeo.

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