Julia || T W O Years

Two complete trips around the sun, little lady, and here we are. You're TWO today! 
We've celebrated you and your day for four straight days. 
There has been no shortage of ice cream, laughter, the occasional (albeit obligatory and perhaps mandatory) tantrum, and so much love. 
Drama is your friend, attitude is your companion, stubbornness and determination are the name of your game. 
Those who don't know you well have a difficult time cracking your tough shell. But once through, you are sweet as molasses. You make others work for your trust, but once it's earned you're best buds forever. 
Marcus is your hero - except when he's not. However, I have a feeling he'll always be your biggest protector.
Your vocabulary is exploding, and you seem to have a gift for gab. Some say you're your mother's daughter...
Singing and dancing make your eyes twinkle and your booty shake. 
You despise shoes, love dirt, and would likely run wild with a pack of wolves if allowed to do so. 
Along with your trademark bare feet, your wild curls seem to personify who you are. Those locks are a wild, tangled, beautiful mess. Just like you. 
I can't believe we're already here, but I'm so glad we are.
Our family wouldn't be complete without your sassy ways and sweet demeanor.  
Happy TWO, Julia! 
Momma loves you.


  1. Happy Birthday Julia!! I remember the day you were born, how excited I was for your Momma to share you with us. You are loved beyond measure! Enjoy your day sweetheart.

  2. These pictures make me so happy! Her hair, her dress, her sweet face. SO precious. Happy birthday, Julia!

  3. Love all these little Julia details! You paint the perfect picture of your TWO YEAR OLD!!! Happiest of birthdays Julia!

  4. Happy Birthday Julia! I love her little personality!!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I love her dress and her curls! Happy Birthday!

  6. happiest of birthdays sweet Julia! I adore these pictures of her.

  7. Run with a pack of wolves LOL. Oh Julia.
    LOVE. OBSESSED with these pictures! I cannot handle her sweet little smile and that ice cream dress!
    Happy TWO sweet girl!

  8. Those photos are just precious! Happy Birthday sweet girl!