Julia || 23 Months

We are deep, deep in the thicket of planning a SECOND BIRTHDAY for this feisty little lady. Before we jump the gun - momma's not quiet ready for a two-year old just yet - let's focus on this month. Month 23!
Height: 34 inches
Weight: 26 punds
Teeth: 17 1/2 - we're stilllll working on those two-year molars (super fun)
Marcus - most of the time. If she's up before him (which is usually), she'll go ask for Marcus as she heads into his bedroom.
Her baby dolls.
Her playhouse, which she received as an early birthday gift.
Disney - Mickey and Minnie are her favorites.
Bubble Guppies.
Being outside.
Running - usually away from me.
Marcus - sometimes.
Wearing shoes that she hasn't picked out.
Having a runny nose, though she's not much good at actually blowing it.
Strangers who come up and abruptly engage with her.
Hair brushings and any attempts to tame her wild mane with clips, bows, or hair ties.
I completely overlooked this last month, but Julia started calling Marcus by name, and it's freaking adorable. The "r" is difficult to pronounce, so it comes out sounding more like "Mar'tis." Julia also love to sing the ABCs, and count to 10, both with assistance to successfully complete. Julia has also learned to say things like, "No, stop it, mommy," when she doesn't want me to interfere with whatever she may be doing. Very recently she's taken to saying, "Yummm, that's 'licious," when something tastes exceptionally good to her. She will also admire an outfit and tell me, "prettttty." 
Her words and sentences are exploding, and it's been pretty fun to hear the new words and phrases that have been coming out of her mouth.
Notable Moments
We wound up in the ER for another round of croup with Julia. This was perhaps one of the more severe cases she's had, and was a bit scary for a bit (at one point her heart rate was about 300 beats per minute). 
Sleep has been severely interrupted thanks to both teething and croup. I'm desperate for a night where no one wakes. 
While Julia enjoys seeing/talking with both grandmas and grandpas via FaceTime, she is particularly fond of seeing both grandpas, both of whom she refers to as " 'pampa."
On our last Disney trip Julia spotted Minnie Mouse and was insistent on seeing Minnie. We stood in line for 10ish minutes. When it was our turn to see Minnie, as we approached Julia became quite excited. But, the second we actually stood next to Minnie Julia closed up like a clam. 
For the photos in this post I really wanted Julia to be eating an ice cream cone. But. She hasn't really figured out how to master that task, and I just knew there would be more ice cream on her than actually consumed. So, picked flowers it was.
As I alluded to in the beginning of this post, we're (I'm) full throttle with her second birthday planning. I've picked up several items for her party, as well as a few outfits to complete her theme the week leading to her birthday. The outfit pictured may have a little something to do with her party. 
And that's it. The next time I knock one of these out she'll be two. It's so crazy how time works!! 
Cheers to 23 months, and on to TWO YEARS!


  1. These pictures are great! She's growing so beautifully and I can't believe she will be two so soon! If you're having an ice cream theme you're the coolest mom ever, haha.

    And she is so right to dislike strangers coming up to her!

  2. Molars are the worst! Well maybe actually croup is the worst! Cannot wait to see all the details for this sweet girl's party!

  3. Sorry to hear she was sick! Very cute about the things she's been saying.

  4. Hearing that little voice (and consequently, their real personality) is my favorite thing! Julia sounds like she'd be fun to hang with, we both like food ;) This is the cutest outfit EVER!!

  5. I don't like when strangers come up to me abruptly and I'm 33. I feel you, Julia. 2 already? That's craziness. Wasn't Marcus just 2?

  6. I can no believe she is already almost 2!!! You were just announcing your pregnancy with her!

  7. She looks more and more like her brother! And...she's wearing shoes in the pictures!!