Fix #16

It's time for another round of Let's Pretend I Wear "Real" Clothes! 
Stitch Fix #16 is here!

We have family photos coming up next month (I like to pretend I'm really organized and ahead of the game). And, I figured Fix #16 would be a great opportunity to nix the Family Photos what-do-we-wear dilemma well before our session.

I asked Raquel (hi, Raquel!!) for Fall-ish pieces possessing gem colors and tones. I specifically requested (read: begged for) the 41Hawthorn Cristen Shirt Dress as well as a Yumi Jodie dress. The Yumi wasn't available, but the 41Hawthorn was. Per the norm, Raquel did a knock out job listening to my requests, sifting through my Pinterst Inspo board, and perusing my blog for pieces to fit my fix. (If you don't have Raquel as your Stitch Fix stylist you should ask for her - she's amazing.)

Before I jump the gun on the Shirt Dress, let's take a look at the other pieces that were in this fix.

Franco Sarto || Saban Laser Cut Ballet Flat
We'll start with these, as I paired them with every dress in this fix.
The color is so fun, and something I wouldn't normally pull from a store shelf. I loved the laser cut. The detail is just awesome. And, I really appreciated how the color really complimented each dress I wore. All that said, the shoes were just a smidge too big and kept slipping off my feet. I didn't even bother with requesting an exchange in size, as I just knew these wouldn't be shoes I'd reach for often enough. Had they been a more neutral color, say tan or nude, they would have been keepers, for sure.

Verdict || Returned

Free Heart || Shamira Dress
Let me tell you, I didn't even know I needed this dress. But, once on I knew I couldn't part with it. I'm currently loving the cold shoulder look; I fully appreciate the adjustable straps, so I won't have to worry about pulling the dress up; the color is more chambray than denim; the ties at the sleeves are the sweetest touch to give this dress a little more character. And, I cannot accurately describe how soft this feels on. Though I don't think this will be a contender for family photos, I already have big plans to wear this on date nights, as well as bring it with me on a vacation we have lined up soon.

Verdict || Kept

Pixley || Millie Textured Knit Dress
When I saw this print out of the box I wasn't in love. I like gray, and I like pattern, but there wasn't anything about either that I liked with this dress. However, with all Stitch Fix things I had to give it a shot. My first impression didn't steer me wrong. On me I loved the dress less than when it was in the box. The knit was just too hot, the print left me feeling like a walking bee hive, and the color didn't do me any favors.

Verdict || Returned

Honey Punch || Tammie Layered Knit Dress
Out of the box I was smitten. It's no secret I'm a sucker for navy and white stripes. The pop of burgundy on the sleeves and hem was a unique addition I was really into. However, when I put he dress on I was just kind of "meh" about it all. The dress itself doesn't have a whole lot of shape, so I felt kind of boxy in it. The tassels (is that what they are?) on the arms were distracting, and I could just see them being drug though a bowl of macaroni during a lunch. Lastly, the dress wasn't any too long, and when I walked I was constantly tugging at the bottom of the dress to keep it down. Chasing two kids is difficult enough, I need a dress that's going to keep my backside covered while doing so.

Verdict || Returned

41Hawthorn || Cristen Shirt Dress
This is one of the two dresses I begged for in my requests. To be fully transparent, out of the box this looked great, and I liked it, but I wasn't too sure. It didn't seem to posses a lot of shape, and I was left a little worried. I was banking on this dress to be "the one" for our family photos.
But on? THIS. DRESS. The colors. The floral print. The tied belt. The little gold details on the belt (which I'm kicking myself for not photographing). The flowing, light fabric. IT. IS. EVERYTHING. I firmly believe any floral-loving-print-person needs this in her closet. It is perfect. I'm positively giddy about this one, and I cannot wait to share it once our photos are taken.

Now, tell me. Did I keep the right pieces??

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  1. I got a 41hawrhorn shirt dress in my most recent fix and loved it! I was sad to send it back but the arms were a bit tight and I was pretty sure sizing up would just mean a dress that was too big with well fitting arms lol Looks so great on you!!

  2. That last dress is BEAUTIFUL on you and will be perfect for family pictures.

  3. The dress you kept is PERFECTION. And is going to look great this Fall with photos of your crew.

  4. I truly do love everything that you got in the box, yet I totally understand your reasons for returning what you did.
    I love that you kept that chambray dress and it will be perfect for your vacation soon!
    And that floral. ALL THE HEART EYES. Cannot wait to see your family photos!

  5. I love what you kept! And I LOVEEEE those flats. Bummer you wouldn't wear them more because they're CUTE!

  6. I think you had a great fix but I totally agree with your choices! I love those shoes though!

  7. I love how the yellow shoes match with everything! Too bad more of the items didn't work though.

  8. You should have kept every single dress because they all look absolutely smashing on you!!!

  9. I liked all these pieces!! You totally could have kept everything. Im loving the color of those flats, be still my mustard-living heart. Side story, instead of saying "yellow" Brielana calls it "mustard" she learned from the best ;)

  10. I think ALL the dresses were adorable! Such a great box this month!