Fix #15

It's time for another round of pseudo fashion blogger, courtesy of Stitch Fix!

For my 15th fix I asked Raquel - whose been my stylist for at least a dozen of my fixes (hiiiii, Raquel!!) - for a Fourth of July inspired fix. I was hoping to see reds, whites and blues. I specifically asked for a pair of Kut From the Kloth jean shorts, as well as tank tops and maxi dresses.

If I'm being completely transparent, I've been just so-so with the last few fixes. I've kept a piece here and there, but I haven't really been wowed. When this fix arrived my expectations weren't too terribly high.

And, when I opened the box I was a bit underwhelmed. The shorts I'd requested were in there, but the three tank tops and one maxi dress just kind of had me going, "meh."

But. Raquel was clutch with this fix. She knocked it out of the park. Let's take a little look-see.

Le Lis || Deria Woven Back Knit Top
Kut From the Kloth || Lonnie Distressed Cuffed Denim Boyfriend Short
The tank is one I had pinned on my Pinterest board, and when I pulled it out I wasn't totally sold. However, the mix media print was a complete and wonderful, surprise. I loved how flowy the tank felt without leaving me feeling boxy, and the fact that the back is longer than the front is always a plus in my book.
The jean shorts were everything I was hoping for in a staple pair of shorts. Per the Stitch Fix magic, they fit like perfection, the length was just right, and the distressing isn't too overwhelming. I was so smitten with the shorts that after trying on everything in my fix I left them on for the day. 

Deria Woven Back Knit Top - KEPT
Lonnie Distressed Cuffed Denim Boyfriend Short - KEPT

Skies Are Blue || Kelsie Eyelet Halter Top
Out of the box, this one didn't wow me. I'm typically not a big fan of halters. But, when I put this on I immediately fell in love. I LOVE the eyelet pattern, the halter portion doesn't seem to choke me like many halters do, and I loved how breathable and roomy the top felt, yet, I didn't look like a red balloon. The color is very different from anything I have in my closet, and I was instantly drawn to it. This ensemble, complete with the Kut From the Kloth jean shorts, is pretty much my perfect summer outfit. 

Verdict - KEPT

Renee C || Reyna Knit Maxi Dress
When I pulled this out of the box I turned up my nose. I wasn't feeling the print, at all. However, Stitch Fix did it again. The very second I put this on I knew this piece was going straight to a hanger in my closet. I was so surprised at how much I loved the print on me. I absolutely love the way the tops is fitted, and a little roomier than the bottom. The cinched waist is a fabulous touch, and the thicker straps means I can wear a regular bra (hallelujah). The length is exactly what I want in a maxi, and the fabric is so incredibly soft. I cannot wait for the next occasion to wear this.

Verdict - KEPT

Skies Are Blue || Atilio Cut Out Detail Top 
At first glance I thought, "It looks kind of... geriatric." But when I put it on and saw the cut out detail in the back, and felt how light and flowy it was it started to grow on me. After going back and forth on whether or not to keep this piece I called in reinforcement. My mom. She gave an immediate thumbs up. And, momma knows best. Not to mention, after I did the math, keeping four pieces and sending this one back didn't make any sense. Essentially, this piece - with the discount for keeping all five pieces (25%) - was free. 

Verdict - KEPT

Raquel knocked this one out of the park!

Soooo.... did I make the right choice in going five for five with this fix? Let me know in the comments!

To get started on your fix be sure to click HERE!


  1. She did SO good! Everything looks amazing on you! I'm obsessed with the fit of the dress on you!

  2. Great fix!!! I swear, KFTK shorts are the best out there!

  3. Yes!!! It's all so cute and looks awesome on you! And I swear, you get the best maxi dresses! Pinning this one for a future fix (or you could just move closer so I could borrow yours😉)!

  4. When I scrolled down to the red top, I said "wow" out loud. It is so cute on you!!! If I were you, I'd wear it daily. Haha

  5. I love everything! Especially that coral halter and that first mixed tank top. This has me wanting to get another SF box soon :)

  6. LOVE all the pieces!! You look great in all of it!

  7. I swear this is why Stitch Fix is just the best- stuff you turn your nose up at and would never try on your own end up becoming some of your very favorite pieces in your closet! Love that.

    I super love that first outfit. That would be a total Courtney go to summer outfit for sure!

  8. It's funny how every piece you were like eh and then you tried and loved them!

  9. What an amazing fix!!! Love all the pieces!

  10. I ADORE the maxi!!! You always get such great dresses!

  11. I love all the pieces on you, especially that pretty maxi dress!

  12. I love love love everything you kept! I have a Fix headed my way at the end of the month. I also have a Stitch Fix post going live in a couple of weeks. Who am I with these "fashion" posts?

  13. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok, first of all, THAT DRESS. Obsessed. LOVE IT.
    Second of all, I'm so glad you now know the magic of the KFTK shorts! I swear I HATED shorts before them and BAM, love.
    Third, this box was SO GOOD. SO GOOD. Makes me so excited for mine to come!

  14. I love it all! Especially the halter. I wish mine had fit. Such a pretty color.

  15. What an awesome fix! The color of that eyelet top is so so amazing on you!!!