Julia || 22 Months

This month I thought I'd have my act together and keep things documented in a timely manner. Turns out, not so much. Just a week late in getting the little lady's update done #secondchildproblems, but, as the saying goes, it's better late than never.
Height:: Totally guessing, but maybe 34 inches?
Weight:: Another shot in the dark, but 26/7ish pounds?
Clothes:: Pretty comfy in 2T bottoms, but 3T tops are becoming more standard.
Teeth:: 17, that I can see. A 2-year molar popped through, which could explain some rough nights we've had this month.
Marcus, usually.
Her stuffed animals and babies. Her preference of each rotates daily.
Her blanket.
Shoes off. BUT! She's started taking an interest in wearing some of her shoes occasionally (see photos).
Being outside.
Getting absolutely filthy.
Playing with the big kids.
Snacks. All. the. snacks.
Cheese. Most fruits. Asparagus tips.
Water. She blows through so many ounces each day.
Swimming. Bath time.
Dancing. Singing.
Gymboree. Yet, she doesn't love dancing or singing at Gymboree, just climbing all over the equipment.
Marcus, sometimes.
The garbage truck. But, if she's in my arms while we're outside when the truck collects trash she insists on watching it empty the bins.
Having her hair brushed or styled. I've yet to get a pony tail in her mess of curls.
Most veggies and meat.
The shower.
Julia's vocabulary is expanding by the day. She will try and repeat most things she hears us say. There are several 2- and 3-word sentences happening.
She loves to "sing," which is really just kind of a mumble of the harmony.
Julia also loves to try and recite the ABCs and counting 1-10 on her own. She's doing surprisingly well with both. With the alphabet she get get to about E or F before things trail off. And, counting, she can usually get to 4 before she skips right to 8, 9, 10.
Colors. Most things are still blue or black. But occasionally pink will be tossed in the mix.
Notable Moments
Cabo with Julia was a lot of fun and a little nerve-wrecking. She absolutely loved spending everyday at the pool, and going down the water slide. She even went down the water slide, totally solo, and handful of times. The girl can be so fearless.
Scott has been logging some serious work hours, so there were several nights where I was flying solo. Many nights Julia woke inconsolable (I'm guessing this was the molar to blame?). Rather than try to get her to go back to sleep in her bed I'd bring her to bed with me. This went on for a solid month, and the habit was totally my doing. As much as I loved waking to a snugly toddler, I really wanted my bed back. So, the past few nights we've been sleep training to get Julia sleeping soundly in her crib all night long. 
Julia, when she wants to wear shoes, will more often than not put her shoes on by herself, and on the correct feet. 
When we leave the house Julia has an artillery of things she often thinks we need to bring with us (aside from the snacks and water). Often our list includes, but is not limited to shoes she may or may not wear, a purse, a stuffed animal, and other assorted toys. As if the diaper bag wasn't full enough already. 
Julia is totally unaware, but her birthday party plans are in full swing. I'm working around the idea of all things ice cream, and we're slowly picking up little things here and there for the party. I'm pretty excited with the plans I have, and I'm hoping they'll come to fruition even better than I'm imagining.
With Julia there is a who lot of stubborn, a heap of non-stop motion, a healthy dose of sweet, a dash of fierce, and an immeasurable amount of love. 
On to month 23!


  1. That long hair is making her look so old! And Finn loves asparagus too which just totally blows my mind for a two year old!

  2. I am pretty sure I would question if she was your baby if she didn't love swimming! You breed water babies :)

  3. Best dressed toddler EVER. Julia is going to have the sweetest party (pun totally intended ;) Target had a bunch of ice cream stuff are you all stocked up?

  4. She is just precious!! I love that romper! And Cal won't really touch meat either... besides hot dogs...

  5. I love that she has the BIGGEST smiles when she's not wearing shoes lol. She's like, that's right mom, I got my way. Ha!
    And I'm with her... I only like asparagus tips also. Unless they are really skinny then I'll eat the whole thing. Otherwise, I hate the stalk part!

  6. Whoa! She looks so tall in that first photo. I love her outfit and shoes!! So precious. These are all such good photos, friend. Happy 22 months, Julia.