A Place to Put My Photos...

...Or more appropriately titled: More Detailed Than My Instagram and Facebook Posts.

A solid week into June and I'm just getting around to recapping May. May was busy, and fun, and action packed with stuff. And it was exhausting. So much so I think I eeked out like five posts the whole month.

Let's get crackin', there's a lot of ground to cover in this post.

I won't do a full vacay recap (yawn). We go to Cabo every May, do the same things, eat at many of the same places, and basically just spend a week relaxing - spa day included - in the sun with a drink in hand.
(Top to bottom, left to right) 1. Dancing around the resort. 2. Waiting patiently for ice cream. 3. Put-put golf was a nightly highlight for both kids.

4. Marcus spent many mornings at the resort kids club where they fed the fish within the resort. 5. Julia snuck in some fish food, too. 6. Looking out to the Pacific from the resort's beach.
Left column, top to bottom: 1. Checking out the goods at the shops in the marina. 2. A morning run along the beach.

Middle column, top to bottom: 1. Uncle Tyler teaching Marcus inappropriate things. 2. A must-click for tourists. 3. Julia fell asleep at the dinner table one evening, the waiters made her a make-shift bed with chairs. 

Right column: 1. Art along the marina. 2. We probably broke some laws getting this snap, as the place wasn't open, and had yellow caution tape blocking most of the entrance off (oops). 3. Last evening having dinner on the marina.
1. Checking out all the activity in the marina.
2. A rare, and very much appreciated date night: a sunset sail around the Arch.

One of my favorite images: Grandpa and Marcus heading back to the resort.
The reason we're lucky enough to visit Cabo each May!
Can you spot Grandpa?
Welp. That turned into more of a recap than anticipated. Whoops. 

The Completion of Pre-K!
Almost immediately after returning home from Cabo we turned around and Marcus graduated Pre-K. It's sill hard to wrap my head around the fact that Marcus will be in Kindergarten this August.
I'm kicking myself for not taking the last day pics with my "good" camera. But, we were running late and rushing out the door when I realized I needed to snap a pic. So, quick cell phone moment it was.
Grandma was in town for the big event!
His round baby face is melting away, right before my very eyes, his little legs are getting so long and lanky, and that last bit of baby tummy is almost gone.

He may be ready for elementary school, but I'm not so sure I am.

To celebrate the Pre-K graduate we thought a trip to Disney was a good idea. I mean, is Disney ever a bad idea? The answer is no.
We rode more rides with Grandma, in one day, than we typically do in two or three Disney days combined. We also managed to eat two or three times more than what we normally do. Eh, when in Rome.
And that's a wrap on May.
Maybe I'll be more on top of things this month. But... seeing as I'm already behind on things like a monthly update for Julia, I'm not holding my breath. 


  1. Great pictures from Cabo! Congrats on pre K graduation!

  2. Photos are the best storytelling!!! And kindergarten! We need to talk all the things since you are one of the only people I know also moving on to Catholic school!

  3. I agree with Laura, photos are everything. Plus seeing is believing, right?! ;) I also cant get enough of school comp pictures, babies grow so much in the span of a school year!

  4. 1. I LOVE your photos from Cabo. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE. You're making me want to go, bad! Thankfully Seth's mom has a timeshare there. I am fully making her take us there next year. And I loved your recap, so don't apologize! Also, I totally did not see your dad in that one photo! Ha! Good call pointing it out.
    2. Girl, you got another letter board and didn't tell me! I LOVE IT!
    3. You got the Starbucks wall!!!

    Ok, clearly I like exclamation marks. Oops? But seriously. Best May ever!

  5. Apparently I'm the only weirdo who likes vacation recaps :p Your trip makes me so sad we aren't going to make it to Destin this year. Next year!!

  6. Girl, your square photos are phenomenal! Like I have major envy of your Cabo pics (and really all of your insta pics period). Looks like May treated you all very well!

  7. Cabo every May sounds like a dream!! I enjoyed the trip through your photos. Way to go Marcus!!! He’s going to do so well in Kindergarten. I will be thinking about you, Mama. Pre-K to Kinder was hard on my mama heart! It just seemed like such a big jump. And then I blinked and here we are going to 2nd grade. Marcus looks so much older on the last day pic vs the first day! Disney is always the best way to celebrate anything.

  8. Such a fun recap and so awesome that you get to go to Cabo every year!