For Scott {A Thoughtful Father's Day Gift ft. JORD}

With Father's Day fast approaching I found it only fitting to take a moment here to gush a bit about Scott. He deserves it more than anyone I know. It's not often enough I focus on the workhorse, the constant, the humble, steadfast center of our family.

Scott is honest, loyal to a fault, the best friend a person could ever hope for, spiritually strong, the best motivator and encourager, and so tender-hearted. Above all else, he is deeply family focused and genuinely the best dad I know. Marcus and Julia haven't a clue just how incredibly blessed they are to have such a phenomenal, strong male-figure in their lives.

When Scott comes home from work the kids light up. Scott could be gone a few minutes, or all day, it doesn't matter. The kids are thrilled when Daddy is home. And, once he's home it's full attention on the kiddos.
To Julia, Scott has hung the moon and stars. He adores that little girl unlike any other, and can make her smile and giggle unlike anyone else. I am so thankful Julia will have the best example of a good, honest, respectful man.

The way Marcus adores his dad and wants to be just like him melts me into a puddle of mush.
If Marcus is half the man Scott is (and I have no doubt Marcus will be) the world will be all the better for it. 
Scott loves those babies something fierce, and that love is easily the most appealing of all his tremendous traits.

So, for Father's Day what do I get a man who asks for little, says he needs nothing, yet deserves the riches of a king?

I didn't want some gift that would inevitably sit on a shelf and collect dust. I couldn't even fathom getting him a tie (he doesn't wear those). I've exhausted all monthly club memberships, beer glasses, and other things deemed appropriate for dads.

I wanted something thoughtful, something lasting, something classic...

Then there was JORD.
When I saw the collection of timeless, beautiful, yet not over-the-top men's watches, I knew I'd found the perfect gift.
One day when important, valuable, sentimental items are passed to Marcus, I hope this unique JORD watch is included. I hope this watch will spark memories, bring smiles, and be treasured.

To Scott: though the past few months have been pretty crazy, and we've only seen each other in passing, know that we appreciate every. single. thing. you do for our family. A simple "thank you" just isn't adequate. We wish we could give you the world. But, we're pretty fond of this gorgeous JORD time-piece, and we hope you love it.

We cannot wait to celebrate Father's Day with you. We love you so very much.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to Scott. He sounds like an outstanding father, husband, person!! Watches are always a good and timeless gift :)

  2. These pictures though! Way to give all the feels :) Brian and I are not watch wearers so I opted for a date night to a MLS game.

  3. I love this post dedicated to Scott! Though I don't know him that well, I can tell that he adores you and the kids and would do anything for you guys. The kids clearly love him and want to be with him and play with him every second they can get. I know he will LOVE this Father's Day gift!

  4. Love a good dad brag! They don't get it nearly enough! And the weather you picked is perfection!

  5. This post is the sweetest thing ever! You took that sponsored post and R O C K E D it! And the letter board? You win. Scott may be one of the best, but he found himself a good one! 👌🏻

  6. I love that you took today to celebrate Scott! You are all lucky to have him and he is lucky to have you 3.