The Family of Four Edition

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind - to say the least. Between the lack of sleep (because apparently Julia believes in partying all. night. long), the pain meds (that I've thankfully been able to toss this week), and having to keep things together during the day to run a functioning household, life is kind of crazy. We knew adding another little life would add a bit of chaotic fun, but holy moly... Can someone please just send me a nap? Or maybe more than one hour increments of sleep at night?

At any rate. Life is good, and we've been so fortunate to have so many willing and helping hands as we make this adjustment.

On to Friday's Top Five. Whew! It's been a while (like 7 months) since I've done one of these...

1. Scott's parents were so kind as to come stay with us a few days before Julia was born, and then stay an additional week after she was born.
I cannot express how grateful I was (am) that they were able to make the trip out to see us, and be here for Julia's birth.
They were also a Godsend in keeping our house running (watching Marcus, walking the dog, feeding the animals, prepping meals, the whole nine yards...) while Scott and I were in the hospital for three days.

2. Week one of preschool is in the books. Marcus loves it, and I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I do, indeed, have a preschooler.
By the end of the week Marcus didn't even bother saying goodbye at drop off. He was off and playing almost immediately upon entering the school building.

3. I haven't purchased many clothes for Julia (thank goodness for those who have shopped for her). But, her bow game is strong.
I think I might have a problem...
It's totally ok for her to wear nothing but a bow and diaper, right?

4. This.
Marcus and I were unsuccessful in the breastfeeding department. The experience with Julia has been totally different. I haven't decided if I'll do a post on this particular subject, as it is such a personal one. But I'm loving the way things are going so far.

5. And this...
My heart and soul.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Those. Bows. OMG I love it.

    So glad breastfeeding is going well this time! That's awesome!

  2. How awesome that Scott's parents were able to spend time with you all. I hope you are recovering well from your c-section! And the bows....I LOVE them!! I hope Julia will wear them better than Alyx did...she didn't care for them and would always rip them off =) Happy Friday/Weekend =)

  3. Oh that is so awesome that Scott's parents have been there to help! And those bows! So cute! Glad bfing is going well!

  4. Love it all! And yep... bow obsessions are totally normal after having a boy. :)

  5. that is so great that even though you had trouble breastfeeding in the past, you tried again! and that it's going well! yay!

  6. Those first few pictures... I can't stop smiling! And the last one of the four of them is pure perfection. SO glad Scott's parents got to come out and be here for her birth! So, so special! When do your parents come?
    Your bow game is strong girl! I have to refrain from buying anymore bows for all my friends who just had baby girls. It's so hard!
    So glad breastfeeding is going so well! And that Marcus has an awesome first week of preschool!
    Hope you guys have the best weekend!

  7. While you can keep your successful boobs to yourself... you gotta share her nursery!! Pahhhlease!

  8. Bows and diapers are the best combination! I wish I could send you a nap but sleep is scarce right now here, too. Brielana's cutting 3 teeth and she is sharing her pain throughout the night. We can do this Mama!

  9. Lovely pictures!!! And congrats on your baby girl! She's adorable!


  10. I am glad you had help the first week. I am also glad Marcus is loving school! It makes drop off so much easier when they want to go. I love the bows! My girls wouldn't wear them for very long, and it made me sad. They are so cute on babies!

  11. I love your collection of headbands :) I still need to buy some for this little lady that's coming. And how awesome that your in-laws were able to come out and help! So happy that breastfeeding is going well so far too - that was my favorite part of having a baby :)

  12. That bow collection is to die for and I love the hanger you have them on.

    My breastfeeding experiences were polar opposites too, thank God ;). It is when something you want to work out just doesn't. It taught me so much though too.

    So happy for you and your unbelievably gorgeous family :).