Friday Favs

Another week in the books!

A quick run down of this weeks favorites.

1. Grandma Kathy came to town last Saturday!
Grandpa Dudding arrived on Wednesday, and has a couple more days here, too. I'm hoping we can snag a photo of the grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa before they have to head back to Iowa.

2. Someone set the external thermostat to "hell," and we've been baking away. Thank goodness for afternoons spent at the pool.
Julia and I are chomping at the bit to get in the water with the guys. A few more weeks and we should be good to go.

3. This pillow arrived this week.
The nursery is officially complete. I can't wait to finally share all the details of Julia's room next week!

4. This week Julia and I had our first shopping trip.
She was a shopping partner champ.

Have a great weekend!


  1. That pillow is so adorable!! I love it! It's been kind of chilly here this week! 50s in the mornings!

  2. That pillow is too cute for words and your shopping buddy is pretty darn awesome too!

  3. I love that pillow! It looks like Julia is a very good baby. :-) Have a great weekend.

  4. Looking forward to Julia's nursery reveal! Happy weekend!

  5. External temperate set to hell. LOL. I literally laughed out loud and then cried because that is SO TRUE. Sadly. Come on Fall!!!! Though sadly fall is just an extension of summer... but a girl can dream?!

  6. It has been hot in Florida too. I can't wait for the cooler temperatures!

  7. I loved shopping trips like that with C. It was so easy and manageable. You know... nothing like what I encounter these days.

  8. Aw, yay! Love this! Ha ha, the part about the thermostat had me cracking up!!! So we might not quite be set to 'hell' here this week, but for me it'll feel like that! :) Wishing you a fabulous week!!!

  9. I used to be terrified to take Reese shopping when she was a newborn, or even just leave the house. Oh how things have changed :) Hope it cools off for you soon!

  10. Love that pillow!

    We had a VERY short break from the warm weather then ours kicked back on too. Can it just be fall already?