Two Months Old!

Our Chunky Monkey is two months old today!
Smiley baby :)
Notice the chunky little rolls on his legs? Love.
In the past month I've learned:
Chunky Monkey is really developing a little personality.
A smile from the little man can brighten even the grayest of days.
If these eating habits are any indication of what is to come, as a teen we will be eaten out of house and home!
Nap time is crucial. For all parties involved.
For mommy, finger nail clipping is THE WORST hygienic task.
The "snot sucker" is this mommy's favorite hygienic chore; the big guy may have a differing opinion on that one. :)
Handfuls of "hot lava,"as I call it, and "showers" are pretty common occurrences around here.
Morning play time, and evenings when Daddy comes home are my two most absolute favorite times of the day. The interaction from the little monkey is so candid.
The fat lip is an extremely effective tool that the big guy has mastered.
Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for my little miracle. I couldn't imagine life without my Chunky Monkey!
Upper left: Wiggly little fella'.
Upper right: Notice whose nose made a cameo?!
Lower left: Mommy couldn't center the photo, whoops.
Lower right: Lean much Big Guy?
Wow. Two months. Where is the pause button to life?

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