New Kicks!

Two weeks ago my doctor finally cleared me to run/workout!

So for Mother's Day we went out and promptly purchased a new pair of kicks to hit the pavement.
I'm pretty partial to a couple of different brands of running shoe other than what is pictured.
However, after a custom fitting these puppies won me over!
The little black clip on (seen on the right shoe) is for my Nike/iPod chip.
My first run was challenging, to say the least. It's a bit frustrating to go from running half-marathons to struggling with a mere two miles. *sigh*
Though I struggled with the first run Chunky Monkey seemed to throughly enjoy it!
I'm determined to get back into the swing of things! And, to get me all sorts of excited, I signed up for the Color Run in San Diego.
Counter clockwise, photos courtesy:
jenstrendspot.blogspot.com, audrey.buzznet.com, rentcafe.com
Never heard of the Color Run? Oh. My. Gosh. It sounds like a BLAST! The day of the event you wear an all white t-shirt. At every kilometer mark volunteers douse you with a different color (it's only a 5k). By the end of the run you're a whole lot of tye-dyed awesomeness! The run sells out FAST, but if this sounds like fun to you (which it totally SHOULD) check out locations and dates, and if the event is sold out.
I can't WAIT to put up pics post-run!

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  1. Running shoe twinks! So glad you're back at it and jealous you have a color run in your city!!