An American Hero

Scott and I had the honor of meeting World War II veteran and former POW Louie Zamperini. If you've never heard of Mr. Zamperini I strongly urge you to take six minutes and learn about this true American hero.
 Aircraft used in World War II. Pretty impressive.
If Unbroken hasn't made it's way into your hands be sure to pick up the book, it truly is a must-read. Author Laura Hillenbrand covers Mr. Zamperini's 46 days stranded at sea after his bomber was shot out of the sky, his nightmare as a POW in one of Japan's worst prisoner camps, his personal torment after his release from the camp, and his salvation.

Fly-in a Zamperini Airfield.
This post certainly doesn't do Mr. Zamperini any justice as a hero, as I simply cannot put into words what an amazing man he is. So please, watch the link and read his story. Then, the next time you see a veteran, or a person in uniform (be it military or public servant) be sure to thank them for all they've done and do.
Meeting a real American hero, Mr. Louis Zamperini.

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