Splendid Scenery

Though I can't run these days I've been getting out and taking advantage of the great weather and beautiful scenery.
Top photo: A view of the coast and Trump National Golf Course.
Bottom left and bottom right: Breathtaking views of the coast.

There is a stretch of trails that run along the coast and Trump National Golf Course. With views like this it seems criminal to stay inside.

The ocean stunned me with its display of colors of deep sapphire, cyan, aqua, and light blue, contrasting against the browns and greens of the coast line; I couldn't help but stare out into the vast waters and thank God for all that He's blessed us with.
Not only was the land and ocean scape breathtaking, I stopped to look a little closer to the trail and found a few beauties inches from my camera lens.
A solo boat traveling through the calm waters, with Catalina standing as a sentinel to the coast, under a blanket of clouds, in the background.

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