Crock Pot Queso

Like most of the 111 million people to watch the Super Bowl, we had a little gathering of people join us in celebrating the loss of the Patriots.

I must confess, my hostess skills were lacking a bit. Our "party" was extremely casual. We didn't put much effort in to preparing for the gathering. And, our offering of vittles was nothing to call home about. But, I couldn't have guests over without preparing some sort of dish to offer our fellow game-watchers.

This dish is probably one of the most common ones you'll find at any tailgate or game watch. I'm sure you've had this, you've probably even made it at one point. If you haven't made this (or even in you have), check out how easy it is.

Crock Pot Queso 
1 brick Velveeta cheese
1 jar of your favorite salsa
1 can of green chilies
1 can refried beans (most crock pot quesos don't include this, but it adds a little more substance than just cheese and salsa)
1 lb ground turkey (or ground beef), fully cooked - OR go the SUPER easy route (like I did this time) and grab a couple of cans of chicken, found near the tuna

In your crock pot add:
Velveeta cut into approximately 2 inch  cubes, entire jar of salsa, green chilies, refried beans, and meat of choice.
Set crock pot to low, and let sit for about an hour.
Most of the ingredients should be melty, and need a good stirring. If all ingredients aren't melted and meshing well turn the heat up to high for about 30 minutes. If you turn the heat up don't forget to turn it down once the dip is ready to go!

Bam! Crowd pleaser - and it makes a TON of dip!

Source: I first discovered this dip from my BFF, Amy. She had a very different name for the dip - and the name is MUCH less appealing than what I've renamed it. 

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