After endless evenings checking out rental websites, and several Saturday and Sunday afternoons looking at different apartments and rental units we finally found one! San Pedro, we're headed that way. And, although Scott's commute is going to be a bit longer in the evenings I think it will all pay off in the end.

We're super excited about the town home we finally found. It's in a fabulous area, NO busy street to deal with, within walking distance from several shops, grocery and restaurants. But, the greatest part (for me) is that it has three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, washer and dryer hook-ups (no more communal laundry - YAY!!), and is steps from the swimming pool. Oh, and did I mention storage? We're not going to have to PILE all of our worldly goods into three teeny tiny closets. AND, I'll have more than three kitchen cupboards to work with. I can't wait!

We secure the place on September 15, but don't have to be out of our current unit until the 27th. This will give us some time to paint (which is much needed), and get all of our stuff moved in.

Once we get settled I get some pictures posted. But, until then, wish us an easy, stress free move!

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