What Do These People DO?!

Friday I finished up my last in-home lesson for a family that lives within the 90210 zip code. Let me just tell you, this house was big huge, the pool was the biggest in-home swimming pool I've ever been in, and adjacent to the pool was the family's personal tennis court. Insane.
The picture doesn't quite do the place, and it's hugeness, justice. But at least it gives you a little idea (and a tiny glimpse) of how those 90210ers live.

This home was something you'd picture during "Old Hollywood" times. The decor was a tad on the retro side, but it was still very nice. And, the backyard reminded me of that scene out of Anchor Man, when the pool party takes place. But, imagine this pool as much bigger, and much classier ("You stay classy San Diego," sorry, I just had to take advantage on that little play on words).

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