There are several ladies I know who scrapbook, the old fashioned way, and looooove it. I've done a few scrapbooks where you spend hours upon hours up to your elbows in glue and a gazillion little pieces of paper that need to be arranged just right.

It's become very apparent I do not have time (or patience) to spend hour upon hour, weekend upon weekend doing the traditional scrapbooking. My hat goes off to those who can and do.

For those of you who like the idea of scrapbooking, need a place to put photos from special occasions and events, holidays and vacations, I may have found a scrapbook alternative.

Mixbook.com has pulled through for me on more than once.
After Scott and I took our engagement photos I had no idea what to do with them all. I found myself, saying more than once, "What do people do with engagement pictures?!" Through Mixbook I put together a book of some of our photos and used the book as our Guest Book at our wedding and reception.

As Christmas approached Scott and I were trying to decide what to give our parents. With almost 1,000 pictures from our wedding day, and we decided a photo album would be a great gift. Again, Mixbook to the rescue. Each of our parents received personalized books from our wedding day.

And, while my junior brides maid was here a few weekends ago it dawned on me that a photo album of her trip would be a neat gift for her birthday. I haven't printed the book, but if you'd like to check it out on line click the link.

Aside from photo albums, Mixbook also has templates for calendars and cards. There's so much you can create, and the prices are reasonable. I'm a huge fan!

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