You've got MAIL!

"Hi. My name is Desiree, and it's been two weeks and two days living Facebook-free." (In unison the crowd replies) "Hi, Desiree'." 

It almost seems as if there should be a support group for this. Week one wasn't too bad, but recently the urge to check Facebook has been rather overwhelming.

If you're like me, your primary email account receives notifications from FB when someone has posted, tagged, or "liked" on your profile. You even receive the friendly reminder from Facebook which of your friends is celebrating his or her birthdays each week. There are even a few friends who find it amusing to purposely post on my wall, knowing full well I get the email notifications but can't check the FB account. I have several friends who are expecting mothers, or new mothers, and I'm biting my nails at the thought of all the photos I could be browsing. Thankfully, a few friends have their own blogs, and I can check out photos there. But, being Facebook-free has been a bit more challenging than initially anticipated.

However, yesterday, in the mail I received the greatest thing! Amid the junk mail and medical bills there was an envelope that was clearly from someone who knew me personally. A REAL card had been sent to me via snail mail! There was actual handwriting and everything!
Not only was the exterior ADORABLE with the butterflies (which I'm officially obsessed with), and meaningful with the quote, the interior was just what I needed as a little pick-me-up. It's been awhile since I've spoken with, FB'd, or even text this particular friend, but this little gesture - which took her more time than an email or text, and was more thoughtful than the former mentioned - made my entire day.

Thanks to her little note of kind words, I took it upon myself to return the favor and send out a few cards myself. Hopefully my cards will bring smiles to the faces of the recipients, like my card did for me.

To the friend who sent the card: Thank you, you truly made my day.

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