Without Facebook

It was the day before Lent and I hadn't really given a thought to what I'd try and give up this year. As I was browsing Facebook, bouncing from wall to wall, it hit me. I'd give up Facebook. Being injured for the past four months Facebook had/has become quite a staple in my daily routine.
Wake up. Make coffee. Check email. Check Facebook. Eat breakfast. Check Facebook. Take the dog
out. Check Facebook. Hit up the grocery store. Put away groceries. Check Facebook. Eat lunch. Check Facebook... You get the idea.

So, buh-bye Facebook it was.

Day one was difficult. Facebook had/has become such an easy way to communicate with friends and family; a great way to post pictures; a great way to silently stalk people I haven't talked to, or seen in years... Ok, maybe not so much that last part.

It's been a week since I've tapped into the site, and so far it's been a little easier than anticipated. There has been the occasional symptom of withdraw -- shakes and violent headaches. But, for the most part, things are going pretty well. And, I've already found myself texting and calling friends and family much more. Perhaps spending a little time away from Facebook will be a good thing.

Remember when you opened your email inbox and were pleasantly surprised to find not junk mail - from a rich prince somewhere in the middle east who has billions of money in a bank he'd be more than willing to share with you, if you only provided him with $1000 and all your credit card info - but messages from your mom, best friend, brother or sister... Since Facebook, those emails don't happen as often. The last email my BFF sent me was to make sure I was ok, and wanted to know why I was "leaving" Facebook.

So, now that Facebook is out, texting has become more "in."

Perhaps next year I'll give up texting...

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