It Could Be Worse... Sooooo Much Worse

While living in Kansas City I held a wonderful aquatics position with a fabulous Parks and Recreation department. Our office consisted of seven people, whom I considered family. I absolutely loved what I did, and for the longest time I thought I'd never leave.

Life happens and things change... That being said, Scott and I ended up in Los Angeles, "We're not in Kansas anymore."

Since moving, almost a year ago, I've been persistent in my search for a full-time position.

Currently, I am employed. However, I do not hold a "desk job." I don't have an office number, or even an office. There are no longer co-workers whom I consider family. And, for the longest time, the thought of all the things I no longer had over shadowed what I do have.

Yesterday, while at work, I took a look around and realized things could be worse... soooo much worse.

This is currently my "office".

And, this is my "desk."

These are my "work tools."
Here's where I hold my daily "meetings."

And, I considered this a "perk."

(It eventually becomes less red, and more tan... And, I'll do my best to make sure each side receives equal amounts of exposure - with a little SPF 30, of course.)

At the end of my "work day" yesterday I realized just how lucky I am to even have a job. Not everyone gets to say their work is actually play. :)

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  1. UGH!! I'm SUPER jealous! I go back to work in 2 weeks and have to sit at a desk every day staring at the snow that we'll probably have until July!