Bathroom Talk

Potty training. While not the most glamorous parenting topic (but really, which parenting topic *is*?), it's a pretty big milestone. Biding adieu to diapers is an epic thing - at least in my mind. Raise your hand if you agree.
So. Julia. A few months ago it was clear she was aware of her diaper situation. She'd let me know if she was wet or dirty. It even escalated to the point where she would climb into her changing table and tell me she needed a new diaper. That seemed to be a pretty solid sign that she was ready for a little bathroom training. Turns out, nope. We half-heartedly gave the training a shot, and it was apparent that she was not into my idea in the slightest.
I waited a few weeks to make the second attempt. Still a bit of a fail. We incorporated potty books to our daily read routine (she loves Big Girl Panties, by the way) and watched a few shows dedicated to potty training (hey, Daniel Tiger and Nina Needs to Go). It was apparent potty training was going to be done on Julia's time, not mine. It was also clear Julia was not having any part of the actual potty.  When I trained Marcus I just got one of those little potty inserts, placed it on the toilet, and he was set. I swore I'd never use one of those little mini potties because they fully gross me out. 
After I had had enough of listening to Julia demand diaper changes from her changing table I marched out to Target, my pride tucked deep inside my diaper bag, and bought one of those stupid, bright pink Minnie Mouse potties that shouts "HOORAY!" when you "flush."

Wouldn't you know it, Julia thought that damn potty was the neatest thing ever, and slowly but surely she started to use it for its intended purposes. 
There was a sticker reward chart in use for a few days, but it seemed Marcus was more excited about the stickers than Julia. So, we nixed that pretty fast (one less thing to have to remember or deal with). And, with this go around we haven't really used food/candy bribes (which I'm pretty sure we did with Marcus in the beginning stages of potty training with him). 
While I make no claims that Julia is 100% potty trained, I do have to say within the past three weeks, things have been getting progressively better and going pretty smoothly. I tote that horrendous Minnie potty with us whenever we go anyplace, but Julia refuses to actually use it in our vehicle. She also has a hard time using real toilets, but there have been a handful of occasions while we're out and  about that she has used the real deal. Insert all the shouts and cheers of joy what that happens. 
For naps and overnight we still put Julia in a diaper. However, she's consistently been waking up dry.
And, just this weekend Julia woke at 2:30am, shouting from her crib, "Mommy!! I have to go potty!" I typically loathe the middle of night wake ups (because they're usually pointless and just an excuse for me to come into her room), but for that one I'll make an exception. 
I'm sure, while I'm over here patting my back I'll be rewarded with pee-soaked pants at some point today. But, I have to say, it's been really, really,  REALLY nice not changing diapers. 
Fingers and toes crossed we can overcome the obstacle of the real toilet because I'd really like to go, well, anywhere without that Minnie potty chilling on the back floorboards of my car.  


  1. I Hated potted training with a passion! Hope it continues to go well!

  2. How exciting! I remember how happy and relieved my sisters were once my niece and nephews were potty trained :) Big deal!

  3. Sounds like things are going well. I need to get more serious about this with our last guy because I would love being done with diapers!

  4. I remember being so nervous to start that process with Connor. I ended up just doing it and within a week we had it down. The biggest hiccup for us was the automatic flushes. Holy hell those drove me bonkers!

  5. I get chills thinking about PTing- just awful lol. Glad youre almost at the otherside, lugging a potty around gets weird after awhile. And I feel compelled to point out Julia is channeling Shirley Temple in the picture shes wearing the polka dot dress!

  6. HAHAHAHAHA that picture of her with the book on her head. Love it! Mason is so oblivious when he's sleeping too. It's crazy.
    So glad to hear it's going well!
    Looking forward to seeing you (and Minnie) next week! lol