The Kids Are Still Here

After a little gander through the old blog, it's been a hot, hot minute since I've done a proper post on the kids, on life, on anything other than walls and clothes.

Looking back on Marcus' first five years of life I documented pretty much everything for that kid, right down to the meals he ate. But, Julia? Welp, she just kind of gets what ever I can scrape up, slap together, and call a post. #secondchildproblems
So, today will be one big purge of all the little bits of life, particularly stuff involving the kids (sorry, Julia, this is the best I can do right now).

This kid is loving kindergarten and simply thriving at school. To Scott's and my amazement, about a month prior to school beginning, we noticed Marcus was truly reading. Since school has begun he's just taken off. He's reading books on his own, creating stories in his notebooks, and just blooming as a student. The only downfall, Scott and I can no longer spell-speak when we want to talk about things in front of Marcus that we don't necessarily want him to know. We found this out the other day when I said to Scott, "I think the b- u- b- b- l- e- s  are all gone." Marcus immediately looked up at me and said, "Bubbles." Like, no big deal. No how are we going to talk about stuff around him?!
Right now, if you ask Marcus what he's most excited about, it's the fact that his bottom front teeth are loose. There is a long way to go before they actually fall out, but we get a wiggly update daily.
This Fall Marcus is back at it with baseball, and he's thoroughly been enjoying that as well. It's been so fun to watch his progress with throwing, catching, and batting. Though, the running part we need to work on... he's just so awkward and lanky-like when he runs.
Being outside is one of Marcus' favorite places. Throwing rocks into the ocean, riding bikes, playing baseball, throwing a football, honing the skill of skateboarding... Marcus loves it all.
I keep trying to convince Marcus to love Disney. Pretty sure we're not there yet, but so long as we can ride Midway Mania, toss in a meal of mac and cheese, and promise a Mouse Ears ice cream bar or cotton candy, and he generally enjoys his time at the Mouse House.
As far as big brother'ing goes, Marcus is truly the best. Julia gets away with so much with this kid. Marcus has yet to figure out that he's bigger and stronger than her.
With each day that passes, we're discovering so much about this genuine, loving, little man. He continues to be cautious and serious, analytical and observant. His emotions are big. He cares for everyone. He tries everything in his ability to make sure people are happy. His compassion is astounding for a 5-year old.
I hope some day he looks back on his very first school picture and laughs so hard.

This little lady is just so full of life. There's no better way to describe it. She is a spit fire, and lives for garnering a reaction from those around her - typically looking for a laugh or a smile.
The one-on-one time we have while Marcus is in school has been lots of fun for both of us. We frequent the aquarium, parks, and of course, Disney - which Julia seems to enjoy ten-fold. There are also a few structured activities so Julia isn't totally feral when she enters preschool. There are swim lessons - which have been slow, but steady in progress. As well as Gymboree, to which she pays no attention to the little structure suggested for each class, and she merrily goes about doing her own thing.
Energy just bursts from her whole being; she is non-stop motion. Music and dancing are her jam. When a song comes on that she fancies, she'll say refined things like, "Shake your booty." (No idea where she's learned that....)
Playing with Megformers and Lego Duplos is a favorite, right along side playing in her play house and with her dolls. Like her big brother, Julia loves the outdoors. If given the choice, she'd rather be shoeless, clothes-less, dirty, and running wild outside.
Julia's vocabulary is booming. It's as if it just kind of exploded overnight, and she's a chatty little Kathy. I never want to forget how she says "wittle" and "pwease," and how she has the slightest of lisp with her s's. When we sing Jesus Loves Me she pronounces it Mesus Muh-ves Me, and Twinkle Twinkle is Pinkle Pinkle.
Books are also a big part of Julia. She'll bring a stack of books to me and demand, "Sit down, mommy!" as she points to the floor or seat, and we'll flip through her favorites. Her current favorites are Barnyard Dance (by Sandra Boynton) and The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin (by Sonali Fry), both of which she knows and will recite - to the best of her ability - with me. It's by far my favorite part of each day with her.
Julia is pretty stubborn, and has to do things her way, and on her terms. We're currently working on the slow process of potty training, to which Julia has exactly zero interest. Maybe one of these days we'll be clear and free of diapers.
This one keeps us on our toes. Julia provides such comic relief, and silly, crazy moments for us. She is exhausting in the most beautiful of ways, and each days is always an adventure with her.

If I had to sum the kids up, I'd say their hair personifies them. Marcus has straight, neat, tidy hair, and that's exactly how he wants it. We've asked on numerous occasions if he'd like mo-hawks or faux-hawks, and we always get a very resolute, "NO!"
Then theres Julia's mane. It is a mess of untamable, wild curls. And trying to calm that mess is next to impossible, as getting bows, hair clips, and pony tail holders in is an aerobic chore, as she basically hates them all.

And that's where I'll leave off for now. Let's hope it's not another few months before the next round of Desirée Gets Her Act Together to Blog About Life.


  1. Love this so much! They are the cutest and sweetest kids! I really need to get my act together too and do an update. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I love this! Our second is crazy and sassy too :D Funny how 2nd children seem to be more spontaneous and wild than firstborns. These ages are so much fun though! I love all these photos, especially Marcus' school picture :)

  3. What a fun recap! I've missed these two, you, too! And I love that their hair represents them as accurately.

  4. You are hilarious!! But I totally get it. I dont think theyll ever feel neglected because you didnt blog about them sneezing though lol. Love the update!!

  5. What a sweet post about your two little ones. How interesting that their personalities seem to match their "hair types." I miss those days of being able to spell things out in secret code too. It sounds like Marcus is flourishing in school--you must be so proud.

  6. I loved reading this update. I love how different in personality they are! Your kiddos are beautiful! :)

  7. Marcus just sounds like the sweetest! So happy to hear he is loving & thriving in Kindergarten! I swear my children are so similar to yours, the first is sweet as pie, the second is a pistol!