Fix #17

To my delight, Fix 17 arrived last week.

As much as I adore bright, bold, beautiful colors, on my actual person I'm drawn towards neutral and muted tones, especially this time of year. I asked Raquel to see if she could track down a pair of moto pants as well as some seasonally appropriate (albeit on the lightweight side) tops. In case California ever decides to get its act together and deliver an actual Fall season, I'd like to be wardrobe ready.

Upon first glance of the style card I was a little underwhelmed with the goods, and more than bummed moto pants weren't in the lot. However, I know Raquel and Stitch Fix have the unique ability to provide some pretty unexpected and adored finds for me.

To the threads...

41 Hawthorn || Barbos Contrast Detail Shirt
Lola Rae || Dana Skinny Cargo Pant
Let's start with the 41 Hawthorn Barbos Contrast Detail Shirt. I love a good plaid shirt. Black and white is always a solid choice. And the tabs on the arms are a nice touch. All that said, it's currently about a million degrees here, with no sight of cooling off, and I just can't imagine a flannel shirt right now. Not to mention, I have two flannels hanging in my closet right now that rarely see the light of day. As much as I liked this top, there was no justification in keeping this one.

To the Lola Rae Dana Skinny Cargo Pants. I am IN LOVE with the color. The pants were buttery soft, and had a nice amount of stretch/give to them, making them insanely comfortable. Easily the most delicious pair of pants I've ever slipped on. All that said, I was a little taken back by the price tag ($88). I know a good, sturdy pair of jeans aren't cheap, and worth every penny paid. But. I feel this color and style is something I'd only reach for during the fall and winter months. 

41 Hawthorn || Barbos Contrast Detail Shirt - Returned
Lola Rae || Dana Skinny Cargo Pant - Returned (as much as it pained me to send those back)

Noe Hieghts || Kennie Woven Poplin Knit Top
I had this very top pinned, and was tickled to see Raquel included it in my fix. It really is adorable. The tie details and flare in the sleeves are sweet, and the fit was great. There were no complaints once it I had it on. But. Once on, I knew the top just wasn't "me." 

Verdict - Returned

Z Supply || Zax V-Neck Pocket Knit Top
Confession. I've never really gotten into the camo trend. And when I pulled this top out of the box I didn't think I'd like it, never mind keep it. But once on, I immediately fell in love. The black and gray camo are just the muted colors I've been gravitating towards. I truly loved the camo print as well as the breast pocket. Let's also talk about the v-neck. It is fairly deep, but gives this tee a little more character. I loved this top so much I wore it the day I pulled it out of the box.

Verdict - Kept

41 Hawthorn || Jaycee Ribbed Hem Knit Top
Straight out of the box I knew this would end up in my closet. I'm smitten with this color; love, love, love it. The top isn't too heavy, but it has just enough weight to keep warm during the chilly SoCal nights. The sleeves are long, which I appreciate (and could probably even use thumb holes to really take it up a notch). Though I couldn't properly photograph this (I tried a good half dozen times to photograph this), and never actually, did, I cannot sing enough praises about this perfectly Fall appropriate top. Toss on my distressed Pistola jeans, add my Market & Spruce Jahana Cargo Vest, and the cutest outfit is assembled.

Tell me... did I make the right decision sending the cargo pants back? Did I keep the right tops? Drop me your thoughts in the comments!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? If not, give it a shot! Feel free to use my link to get started (I will receive a small credit if you use my link, and will be forever grateful if you do)!


  1. I think you made the right choices! That camo top is awesome (I too have yet to find the right one) I want to see your aforementioned fall outfit on!

  2. Great choices. I have a camo tee and find myself wearing it frequently. If you want moto jeggings, I have ones from here: https://www.onelovedbabe.com/collections/pants They have them in different colors!

  3. Love the tops you kept. You should have kept the pants too! Fall and winter are long enough to wear a single pair of pants - shirts are seasonal so I don't see why pants can't be too and they looked good with all the tops you had on in the pictures.

  4. I love the two tops you kept! I am the same way in regards to camo -- I am not the biggest fan, but I love that top! It isn't as "in your face" as some of the camo tops I have seen. It looks comfortable too!