Wall Crawl - Disneyland

If you've followed along for the last year or so it comes as no surprise that hunting down colorful, interesting street art is something I've kind of fallen in love with. 

I figured it might be fun to take that same idea and implement it at one of my favorite places. Disneyland! The whole place is basically one big photo op, but some locations walls and doors and gates seem to beg to be put in a square frame (looking at you, Instagram).

So, over the last few trips to Disney I've hunted down a few locations (most were found thanks to the @magic_kingdom_mamas and their suggestions).

To the most magical place on earth, and all of it's fantastic picturesque stops (keep in mind these are not necessarily posted in chronological order, rather, they're posted by park).

It's a Small World
Let's start with perhaps the most recognized wall inside Disneyland. Dare I say it's even the most photographed? I mean, no Disney trip is complete without a stop and a pose here. This wall even has its own Instagram account.
This infamous Disney wall is on the west side of It's a Small World, near the entrance to Fantasyland Theater.
Main Street USA
Pretty much any store front is idyllic of a photo op. But this stop is my favorite just because it has Disenyland right in the store sign.
This is the entrance to the arcade on the west side of the street.
If you don't get to Main Street at opening it's kind of tricky to get a shot without people standing around or passing by. It took us only three attempts to get this picture without a photo bomber.

This silver-ish wall looks out of this world, and so fitting for Tomorrowland.
It's located next to the Little Green Men Store Command entrance, which is by Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters.
We don't spend a ton of time in Frontierland with exception for Big Thunder Mountain. So when we stumbled upon this sweet mural I was pretty darn excited.
You can find this mural on the side of Shootin' Exposition as you're heading into Zocalo Restaurant.

Toontown must have been made specifically with the idea of taking photos in mind. I mean, the entire area is just one huge photo op. There are the cutest doors and store fronts and houses. Here are just a couple favorites (narrowing down to two proved incredibly difficult).
Of all the great photo spots in Toontown, this is my favorite! These huge doors are tucked away behind Minnie's house. If you're not looking for them you might actually miss them!
More massive doors! Note, there are also really small doors all throughout Toontown as well.
These doors are just past the Roger Rabbit Ride. Follow the trolley tracks and they will take you to these doors!
The Entrance Tunnels Under the Rail Station
There are two entrance tunnels leading into the parks, and these latticed vines are on both the east and west sides. However, the last time we were at the parks benches were set up in front of the vines on the west side (which happens to be the exact location of the pic below). The east side was bench free though.

California Adventure:
In my opinion, DCA has more wall ops. But, none seem as "Disney" as the ones found at Disneyland, if that makes any sense? 

Like the It's a Small World wall, this wall has become pretty famous. Probably thanks to its purple sister wall in Walt Disney World. And, like It's a Small World, it too has it's very own Instagram account.
One big, bright blue wall coming right up!
This wall is along the Sunset Showcase Theater.
Is it considered a wall if it's really more of a bench?
The mosaic tiles are gorgeous, and it doesn't hurt that this is located along Schmoozie's Smoothies. A strawberry banana smoothie paired with a pretty wall and some shade is the perfect place to rest at DCA.
The Pier
This is my favorite stop along the pier. It's big, it's to the point, and it's easy to find.
This one is just past Mickey's Fun Wheel, right across from the Silly Symphony Swings.
Cars Land
Hands down, this is the most photographic area in all of DCA - at least I think so. Maybe it's because I have a boy and this area interests him? At any rate, here are some spots I kind of love.
Though it's not super colorful all the Route 66 signs have me swooning.
This one is on the side of Radiator Springs Curios Store.
Um, an ACTUAL street-like mural?! YES! Sign me up.
This one is hidden and tricky to find. If you're not looking for it you likely won't find it. It's located on the side of Sparky's Spark Plugs building, next to the Cars Land Fire Department.
Another set of doors that blow me away. The wood detail is fabulous. Someone mentioned on Instagram the wood pattern makes us look like peacocks. I have to agree.
These gate doors are located along the south end of Bug's Land heading into Cars Land, across from Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters.
Here it is! Found it!
My Dad has a '39 Model A, so this one draws me to it every time we pass it. Plus, It's a mural, on a wall. I mean, enough said.
This wall is pretty easy to spot. It's along the main road through Cars Land. It's right next to the Cozy Cone Motel.

The Mickey and Friends Parking Structure 
Yep. Even the parking structure can be pretty. The minimal wall paired with the pop of green? I'll take a picture here each trip, please and thank you.
This is at the base of the Mickey and Friends parking structure. To get to it (thanks to the new location of security) you have to go through the security line, away from the tram, to get to this spot.
Downtown Disney
Last, but certainly not least - let's all take a moment of silence out of respect for delicious coffee - is this fabulous gem we happened upon thanks to Marcus' small bladder. Had he not needed a bathroom break we would have cruised right on by this Starbucks and its wall art. 
This is on the side of the newest Starbucks in Downtown Disney, which is just across from the Lego store.
I'd highly suggest hitting this spot up at noon, or after, as the shadows from the monorail make photo taking kind of tricky. ;)
There you have it! Some of our non-traditional favorite Disney spots!


    I'm planning on sharing our mini Disneyland wall crawl sometime soon too! I seem to be WAY behind on sharing everything these days, so hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later, and this may have just given me the inspiration I need!
    Also, we need another Disney date, STAT.

  2. Oh my goodness. So many fun backdrops! I love the big toontown doors! And the big wooden doors with Marcus pulling you. This is just so much fun! Disney magic for sure!

  3. These pictures are so good! You make me want to go on a wall crawl badly!

  4. This is amazing! I haven't been to Disneyland it so long but I feel like I totally missed out taking photos of walls at Disney World. I didn't find the bubble gum wall that everyone takes pictures of and I bet there were many others I missed. I have one picture of Gabbie with the wall before the Mine Train opened which was cute. And I have me at disneyland when the Nemo ride was coming soon! Anyway these are great, I love the boys trying to open the big doors and the mosaic!

  5. I can't even chose a favorite! Love the peacock one, so stinking' pretty! Wishing we had our passes still!

  6. Love this!!! And I feel so special as Im the one who said the wood gate looks like a peacock :) Oh! And Rancho del Zocalo is my favorite park restaurant- big portions and small(ish) prices.

  7. I love this!! So many great walls and photo spots at Disney. I am dying to go to Disneyland; hoping I can convince Scott to take me in a couple years :)