Julia || 19 Months

Another month - 19, to be exact! - and another little update.
Julia's personality continues to strengthen and shine. Her spunk and sass are evident and becoming stronger by the day. Someone tossed out the word, "spirited," but often times I lovingly refer to her as rotten. And, I mean that in the most motherly way possible. I adore the little lady, but I have no doubt she is going to give us a run for our money.
This is truly one of the best ages, a sweet spot, no doubt. As communication becomes stronger the guessing game is lessened as to what Julia wants and needs, which makes things easier for everyone.
Height: 33 inches (totally guessing)
Weight: 22 pounds (another guess)
Teeth: 16
Marcus, depending on the situation.
Going to Gymboree.
Reading books, Ten Busy Buzzy Bugs is the current favorite.
Fishies; the aquarium is a fan favorite.
Splashing in the tub.
Being outside.
Picking flowers.
Wearing shoes, particularly her rain boots and snow boots. I have to hide them otherwise she won't wear any other pair.
Snacks, particularly cheese sticks and slices.
Trying to keep up with big kids.
Being chased by mommy or daddy.
Going down the slides at any park.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse, though she's never sat still long enough to watch a complete episode of MMCH.
Bubble Guppies. But, really, just the opening and closing songs (she just wants to dance). The rest of the show doesn't really hold her interest.
Making an "oh" face (see several photos below) as well as sticking out her tongue (again reference photos below).
Marcus, depending on the situation.
Putting tights on (but once on she has no qualms).
Being told no.
Most diaper changes.
All other veggies besides asparagus.
Swinging at the park.
I should also mention Julia doesn't wake well, and hasn't ever really done so. She's not one to wake up smiling and laughing. It's more crying and clinging on to whom ever gets her from her crib. 
We've noticed Julia's vocabulary seems to have really expanded this last month. Thanks to all the rain, "puddle" was added - though it sounds a lot like bubble. "Yes," sounds a lot like "yeah," or "yep." "Up," "down," "pretty," are all in constant use. As of late we've really been working on "please," and "thank you." I'm guessing a majority of people wouldn't be able to translate most of her words, but there's progress.
Other Notable Moments
Animal noises are a big hit. Current favorites are mooing, quacking, meowing, and woofing.
We've begun working on color identification, though she seems to think all colors are blue at this point.
As of today eyes, nose, mouth, ears, belly button, toes, and fingers can all be identified on other people as well as Julia herself.
Lately, I've been working with Julia to undress herself. So far she can only get her pants about half way down her legs, but it's a start. She also loves to try and put on her shoes on her own, and attempts to put my shoes on my feet.
I feel like we've forever been in the transition stage of two naps down to one. We had a few days where one nap was all Julia needed. However, thanks to our early mornings (5am is cause for "sleep in" celebrations), most days require two naps.
If Julia is too rough and I ask for her to be nice, she'll give a kiss to smooth things over.
And just like that, another month is in the books. 
Here's to 19, and onward to 20!


  1. This outfit you have her in? She's like a baby model. So adorable. We use the word "fresh" when it comes to my niece. She then usually yells back that she is not fresh. My nephew was always so sweet. Her? Nope. It's a girl thing I guess.

  2. Ohhh this outfit!!! She is absolutely adorable!

  3. Dislikes... Marcus, depending on the situation - I giggled. The joy of siblings :)

  4. I kinda love that you call her rotten in such an endearing way. And that outfit! Perfection!

  5. She is just the sweetest! This really is an amazing age!

  6. These pictures are so adorable. Calvin is just the same with his boots! I have to hide his snow boots or he'd wear them everywhere! I love that you describe her as rotten, because I can totally relate. This age is so fun!

  7. Her expressions!! Such a sweet girl. And that coat is wonderful. Im a coat hoarder, its awful. Im going through clothes, would you be interested in size 24 months?

  8. That jacket and dress!!!! Heart eyes!

    Like you say (and I say to you every month), I see so many similarities between our two precious girls. Julia is a dollie!

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  10. Is that her cat purse she's dragging in that 2nd to last picture? <3

  11. Oh my goodness! Sweet Julia. If only she would sleep in past 4:30am EVERYDAY, I think this would be the best age ever!
    I'm LOVING her outfit in these photos, especially that jacket!

  12. So cute, you are always so great at taking great pictures of your kids...Love this.

  13. Happy 19 months to your sweet girl! She looks darling in that outfit!

  14. She is just adorable! All that hair! The 15-24 month range is some of my FAVORITE. They still have some baby tendencies, but the starting to talk part is the best! I very much dislike the 2 to 1 nap transition; can't wait til that's over! I hope Julia starts to sleep in, in the near future. I can't believe how early she gets up!

  15. Her outfit is so perfect! And, Rhys was the same waking up....he was a fussy waker from newborn up until he was two! Whereas Evelyn will just quietly wake up and stare until someone gets her! I love her scrunched up face--ha! And, out of all the veggies to like, asparagus is a great and healthy one!