The End of October Edition

October was really good to us. We saw, experienced and did so many great things, all of which I hope to share in dedicated posts in the very near future. We also did some fairly typical things that I'm not sure deserve an entire post, but I thought highlights of them would do the trick.

Today's post is a little hodge podge, but things I want to remember nonetheless.

To the randomness...

A few weeks ago we had our neighbors over for dinner. They're currently undergoing a kitchen renovation, so we thought they might enjoy a meal where a stove, oven, and running water were involved. I thought this BTS Cake would make for a lovely dessert. I wasn't wrong. It was unbelievably good. And, worth every single second it took to make and assemble.

October brought a few days of light showers, sprinkles, and actual rain. It was awesome, and so very needed in our part of California. It makes both Marcus and me happy when we can pull out the umbrellas!

Gah! This little lady is something else. She is full of personality and spunk and attitude. Not a day goes by where she doesn't given us a good laugh. I'm looking forward to sharing her 15 month (15!) update next week.

Our afternoons can get kind of long. Finding ways to keep entertained around the house can often  become monotonous. Instead of riding bikes or scooters for the hundredth time of the day, we've been heading to the water to toss rocks and find sea creatures. I'm always on the hunt for urchins, Marcus likes to collect any creature that has a shell (he's partial to the snails), and Julia is content to just toddle around in the sandy parts of the beach. It's been a nice change in the way we end our days.

I know this is pretty irrelevant, time-wise, Halloween is already a distant memory. But I had to share.
Marcus' school had a Halloween carnival on Halloween, and each student was to bring a treat to pass out when it was time for their trick or treating. I'm guessing most kids probably made bank with candy on Halloween night, so I figured ghost applesauce would make for a fun alternative to candy.
That wraps up the end of October (and beginning of November)!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Such a fun filled month! I'll have to make that cake. It looks delicious! I love how the ghost pouches turned out. I've made jack o lantern's out of mandarin orange cups before & also mummies out of juice boxes. Have a great weekend!

  2. The ghost applesauce is cute! I am doing candy alternatives next year because we have too much candy around this house.

  3. Love the applesauce and that cake! YUM!!!!

  4. Those ghost applesauces are adorable!!!! And BTS cake....YUMMMM!! Mine is never that pretty (I make it in a standard 9x13) but it's the best cake out there!

  5. Those ghost applesauces are so cute!!!

  6. Des, you nailed those applesauces! Love the idea.

  7. That cake. All I can think about is that cake. It looks amazing and I can't even imagine how good it must have been. Love the applesauce too!

  8. Yay for a fun filled month!! Julia kills me with that cute smile! Sweet girl! Marcus looks so focused on his find. Ha ha! Love the applesauce mummies. Such a great idea.

  9. That sock monkey umbrella is the best umbrella I have ever seen! Julia with the glasses – oh my word. So precious. The applesauces were such a great idea!

  10. Those ghosts are just too cute! Love them!

  11. I need those applesauce in my life!!! And could that umbrella be cuter?! Well not quite as cute as Julia in goggles!

  12. You are so lucky to live so close to the beach! Rhys would have so much fun if given the opportunity!

  13. Ok, seriously, Julia in those glasses. I die.
    Second, LOVE those ghost apple sauces!!! Genius!
    Third, I think we need to plan a get together and one of us needs to make that that cake. HOLY YUM.

  14. I love that applesauce idea! Super cute. And that CAKE!! I just saved the recipe. Sounds like a great month!

  15. That cake... yum! And that applesauce was a great idea!!